Friday, August 28, 2009

Cokoretto, cokoretto, cokoretto wa daisuki!

Meaningful holiday~
I, who live in rural area (ha3 Lipis lah!) finally managed to help my sis-in-law, Kak Reeny to make the homemade chocolate! For 2 days making some types of chocolates (only tester for Eid promotion) spending time in KandaDinda Confectionary, felt like I never want to go back to Lipis even though felt tired.

Of course my beloved little nephew, Adam 'helped' us as well, we're all fasting, he tested the chocolates and enjoy 'em very much.

A. Chocs Blueberry filling + White Chocs Coffee filling
B. White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling (loooove this!)
C. White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling + White Chocs Strawberry filling
D. White Chocs Strawberry filling
E. Almond Crunchy!! (thumbs up!)

15pcs in a clear round plastic box. RM22.
hadiahkan kepada family anda di hari raya ini!
note: ini bukan kuih raya. tapi CHOCOLATES. : )

TYVM to my sis I've stolen this pic from her Facebook to promote. Pre-order now!
For more info, click KandaDinda Confectionary link at the right layout.

One of Adam's favourite (me as well :D)

Si comot

Went to TESCO with him & my sis previous evening. If I were a kidnapper, I wouldn't have kidnap this kid, but I'd rather ask him to carry my goods hehehe...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a goodbye

2 weeks ago I sent my W810i to a mobile shop in Lipis to fix the camera and other broken device. I'd totally forgotten to keep my memory stick before sent it, but only remembered after a week. After 2 weeks and 4 days waiting so patiently, finally it's done. So today after classes I went to the shop with my classmate, Caca whom riding the motorbike.

Charged for RM150 - yes, I do satisfy because the camera is functional back when I checked it in a bakery, Good Point (at that moment we were hanging out happily with some other classmates - including the mabuk one).

............... Just now... I found that the memory stick space is EMPTY! Immediately I called the shop but they said they'd already given it to me when I leave w810i in the shop and they DID NOT admit the loss cause they said what point taking it anyway. Hey, you can sell it to other people, right???!!!! All right, just 512 MB Memory Stick Duo but it still valuable for me! I don't intend to excuse anybody, because perhaps accidentally someone dropped it somewhere when he's fixing it since they need to open all the screw to change the ribbon inside. The point is, they should be more particular and be responsible. Another thing I want to complain is, there is a small part broken because they took off the screw but I reckon I could manage to overcome it.

The thing is, I want to give my W810i to my sis cause she needs extra cellphone for temporary use, that's the main reason I sent to fix the camera even though I have my T707i...

Anybody who wants to know which mobile shop is, just ask me and I will surely tell you.

So, MORAL VALUE for today: Just be careful when you send your device to be fixed and never ever forgotten like I did to keep first the valuable one.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My dear Eyrie...

Almost a year, I almost forgotten about the existence of FrozenEyrie, my beloved Neopets! I've been looking after him since I finished my PMR in 2oo4!
This is FrozenEyrie, a pet from eyrie species

The reason for not logging Neopets World was I tend to spend my online time playing So I logged in to today and it seems that my account is still exist! (He3)

However, FrozenEyrie is dying!!!!!!!!!! Nevermind, your master is very responsible person so she'll look after you as she's done before he3.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The kickstart

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I'm making my blog alive again...
What does it mean?

I had a blog when I was 14 (6 years ago), of course the childish one when I only talked about what I like, my fav movie, actor & actress, post some anime char, etc. and eventually just abandoned it.

I was thinking about making it alive back for ages ago, but so much excuses blocking me from doing so. Since late last year, more and more my friends addicted blogging, and asking me to join 'em (same as what my only sis told me when I was 16). I say yes but unluckily my beloved w810i (which is my fav gadget to capture photo) 'swallowed' tonnes of water in National Park, Kuala Tahan. As result the camera part was broken (rusak!!!) and so, "I DON'T WANT MY BLOG TO BE EMPTY WITHOUT ANY PHOTO CAPTURED BY ME!"

Ever since last week, I went back home for a new clamshell (yay!) model SE T707i (detail specifications, visit or so I have new 'portable' camera inside! (Even though mostly clamshell camera is not as good as monoblock). Believe it or not, my dad seems planned to buy the same model. So later I can upload photo in my blog!

T707i by Sony Ericsson

Mine is Lucid Blue colour

This might not end for today 'cuz I may post another one :D