Thursday, December 31, 2015

Two thousand fifteen

The moment I realized I didn't update my blog for two years! What on earth I was so busy working and having vacation and forgot I have a blog! Nevermind, I just want to share a short important story this year.

Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted a white cat with BSH look. I thought that other colours of cats are ugly. My bad habit of yes-no-yes-no for having cat kept holding me back.

I didn't have interest towards tabbycat, until on 24th July 2015 - three tabbies appeared at my house's gate. They were so tiny, skinny and hungry. I had no choice but to provide food and shelter.

When I got high fever almost a week, I started to think maybe I should give them to others since I was afraid I couldn't look after them.

But when the boys kept chasing me each time I went outside the house,  I realized the beauty of the Almighty's creation,  that tabbycats are friendly and adorable.

They are the greatest gift of my 2015 life.

Well,  I might talk about them more later. They are 7 months now, and one of the has gone.