Friday, October 28, 2011

The result

Deepavali break gonna end soon. My life is kinda no fun since my nephews are not around. Plus, it was sort of sad thing when my sis' cat, Kara died. I saw how she suffered for a week T_T.

 I really miss Adam's thousand questions daily;
"Kenapa lembu makan rumput? Adam boleh makan rumput tak? Kenapa crocodile makan daging? Dia tak makan nasi ke? Kenapa Cuwawa tak nak ikut Adam balik? Kenapa Cuwawa kena jaga Tok Mama? Kenapa Tok Mama sakit? Cuwawa dah hantar lukisan kat cikgu Cuwawa?? Yang Mommy marah Adam kata nak jahit mulut Adam tu Mommy tipu je kan, Cuwawa?"
P/s: You're smart, boy. C:

While Aiden:
"Cat... cat... meow... meow..." *shakes the cat's cage*. I know you're animal lover, but all cats are afraid of you. Ha3. You're so adorable, curly curly perm baby. :)

P/s: expecting another nephew this year. ;)

Erm, sorry, too many babbling words. This morning, Mama has taken her operation report. Most important thing is, Alhamudillah, the tumor isn't any kind of cancer cell. And forgive my mistake for previous entry on labeling the last photo. I fixed it already. This is the report:

(Click to enlarge)

A) Left ovarian mass: Twisted fibroma with minor sex cord elements.
     Left fallopian tube : Paratubal cyst. (A few small cysts are also seen)
     Uterus and right ovary : Within normal limits. (Cavity is empty)
B) Omentum : No evidence of malignancy (^__^)
C) Appendix : Periappendicitis. (Not in the picture)

*Fibroma is a type of extraordinary fibroid. The large dusky coloured tumor mass measuring 18 x 14 x 13 cm.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spending 4 days in hospital

It started on previous Saturday, about 6.00 am, I was awaken when Abang Long called, asking me to go back home. Mama was going for operation that morning, she's having fibroid. I was surprised. Just the previous week I met her, she's in pink of health. Some of my family members were having fibroid operation before, and I've known it doesn't threat life so much. On the same day, I was in my scouting programme - JOTA JOTI, and I was going to get my Wood Badge (consider as one of scout rank). However, I chose to see Mama instead of the award. As I reached KL, Ayah called me, telling that the surgeon said the operation was going to be postponed next Wednesday due some extraordinary result they've just found. I was (-___-)" but I proceeded my plan to go back, with Kakak.

I requested the Student's Affair Dept. to go back - since I'm a non-troublesome student, they approved my leave easily. As I reached home at mid-night with Abang Long, all other brothers and sisters in law have reached. Only Kakak didn't get her early leave.

Mama was admitted in Hospital Pantai Batu Pahat. 11.00 am - went to Surgery Hall.

We, Mama's children and grandchildren, prayed that everything will going fine.
The operation finished at about 2.00 pm. Thank you Allah.
I'd been accompanying Mama after that, until she discharged for 4 days and 3 nights. 
(Adam was just my props, he'd never slept in hospital I bet ha3)

Every single day, the kids came visiting Mama. They'll go back at evening. 

Every single night, Ayah's iPad was accompanying me.
I couldn't play internet if my 'walking modem' (Abang Long's iPhone) gone. T_T

I wasn't alone all time. Ayah and Kakak were staying as well. 
They = One person one night. Me = a person for all nights.

Saturday: Mama discharged. Alhamdullilah. C:
By the way, would you study anatomy a little bit?

Top: Fat
Left: Appendix
Middle: Uterus
Right: Fibroid tumor (or ???)

Ayah told me before, the doctor said Mama should've known the fibroid existence in her body since I was born. How come she felt that just previous week ago? Only Allah knows.
According to image from the scan, it's only 12 cm, when it came out, could you believe it's only 12 cm? I watched in TV before, these thing could even reached to coconut size, and even bigger!
Plus, the surgeons said her fibroid is quite extraordinary, they're afraid if only it's cancer cell. They send it to KL lab for further research. But we keep praying it wouldn't trouble Mama anymore.

High gratitude to Allah, and thank you everybody whom pray for Mama's health, moral support and visiting her.  :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


One friend once told me,

"You forgive everybody, you don't revenge. You may look harsh and fierce, saying you hate certain people, but I know there is soft spot inside you, you don't hate them actually. You're too kind and innocent, yet people are using you. They talk crap at your back, then find you when they need you, because you'll surely help them. 
I know you very well, and what they said are b******t. Really. *** also said the same thing to me, she doesn't agree what they've said, even you being kind and take no port about bad stuff, they're still people talk bad about you. But I know they're wrong."

I used to think, I don't mind what people want to talk my negative sides, I'm not a Prophet, I'm imperfect, same as you people. Indeed they're many aspects in our way are unacceptable, even being kind and optimistic. I complained about others as well, but not because I'm merely do not satisfy about 'em, it's when I found it's too wrong to do. Mama told me the same thing, I'm one who always have no heart looking people in trouble, yet troubling myself, and troubling my family. Sorry.

My teacher always said,

"Treat your friend as if one day he/ she'll become your enemy, and treat you enemy as if one day he/ she'll become our friend."

I keep thinking, I don't want to do that. How can I treat my friend like an enemy? I can never do that! I can treat my enemy like a friend, because I can tolerate with my hatred towards 'em. And I do forgive people. It has taken 4 years for me to understand the meaning behind. 


Hating people, making enemy, keeping grudge - all are the things that hated by Allah. If we do what is hated by the Mighty one, how can we live by His blessings?

p/s: this is my self-expression, DO NOT ask me what happened. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesdy

Pameran Seni Visual - Prisma Refraksi Seni.
Credit to my seniors, for inviting the pottery team coming here. C:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wonderful life circle

About 13 years ago, my weekend activity was staying in front of TV, watching cartoons. I woke up early at 8 (I used to sleep after Subuh prayer), waiting for Mama to return from wet market, and asked what she bought for me. When she arrived home, she usually said;

Mama : Adik, pergi mandi.
I : Nanti la Mama. Tunggu kartun ni habis dulu.
Mama : Kartun tu memang takkan habis kalau awak tunggu...

Eventually, I took bath at 12 noon. After all cartoons finished.

Previous week, I was at Abang Long's house in the morning, and Kak Reeny asked me to take Adam,  my 4-year-old nephew to take bath.

Pic: when Adam was 1 year old.

I : Adam, mandi sekarang.
Adam : Nanti kejap la Cuwawa...
I : Nanti bila lagi Adam?
Adam : Tunggu la Mickey ni habis dulu...
I : Mickey tu memang tak pernah habis kalau Adam tunggu...

After a second I said this to Adam, suddenly I chuckled myself. It's truly same as what Mama used to say to me. Seems that all kids are the same, or it's because of genetic. It's me resembles to Mama or it's Adam who resembles to me? If Adam behaves like that, probably Abang Long was same as me back then. One day, when I have my own children, I wonder if they'd behave like us. But that's not a big matter, each moment in your life is wonderful when you know it's meant to be appreciated.  (another new wisdom word from me ha3)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Incomplete task and the three beads

Next week will be the assessment. I haven't completed any artworks. Since I haven't drawn manga for ages, my skill is beyond my expectation. I draw much slower! 2 hours = one character. T_T OK please don't give up.
Photo: one of early sketch for my portfolio, about illustration and the technique. Currently I'm quite obsessed in drawing elf. ;)

I left my work for three days (from Friday to Sunday) to attend scout camp, for Three Beads. 

The camp site. 
Location: Pusat Kokurikulum PPD Jerantut.

My team - Sekawan Merah. 
Location: Outside SK Tanah Rom
It takes about 6 - 8 miles from the camp site to reach here, by WALKING!

One of my favourite activity nowadays c:

Best campsite trophy.
Victory of 3 beads! Hahahaha~

Behind the scene: My team wished we'd never win this trophy, since the leader will always carry this damn heavy woods whole day, luckily our luck was on the last day, so it's less than 3 hours to hold it. <:

p/s: Less photos, less story to write. I'm gonna continue sketching ha3. ;P