Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend with family

2 observations previous week didn't give me good smile. I don't want to talk more about it, well I'm still okay. As result, a ran away. Actually not that serious, I just suddenly craving to eat at Sushi King when Kakak asked me about her member card. Plus, I missed Aiden a lot, and I want to see Adam as well. 

Kakak wanted me to take KTM from TBS to Kajang, which I've never done that - and I always say I NEVER take KTM at any cost. One lucky thing was, Amal, one of my batch mate was going back to Kajang as well - thanks to her dad for fetching us at LRT Sungai Besi and dropped me at Metropoint Kajang. He dropped me exactly in front of Starbucks Coffee (SC) - he suggested me to taste some cakes while waiting for Kakak. Actually I wanna go to Secret Recipe (SR) - thinking about greentea cheesecake that I badly wanna try since previous February! Since I didn't see the SR around, I went to Baskin Robbins (BR) and had 3 scoops of ice cream.

*sobs* Good girl was having her ice-cream alone.
3 fav flavours: Choc mint, almond mocha, blackforest c:

Until the last drop, Kakak hadn't shown up.
I was so grrr.... and I felt like turning my back and she's there. =.="
Looked like she's disappointed that I finished the ice cream already hahahah~
*and when I walked leaving BR, I found out the SR is actually beside SC*
*feel like struck by lightning*

It's dinner time! 
Nyaha! I was soooo delighted!!!
Last time I went to Sushi King was around May or June last year!
Kyaaaa~ sushi wa daisuki! >.<

Small saucer: the disappointing takoyaki - I'd rather choose Jusco's.
Bowl: rice with scrambled egg and BBQ sausages + lettuce and mayonnaise.
I badly craving the squid-formed sausages since I watched it in Inusyasha at 2003! :D
Kakak said don't order weird food just because it looks cute - but who think I'd listen?

Going to Kakak's house, I found she bought many DVDs and I want to watch Green Lantern (cuz it's starred by Ryan Reynolds) but Kakak said the movie was sucks. She pestered me to watch Harry Potter 7 Part 1 since she booked the Part 2 ticket for Saturday. (4 seats for us + Adam & Aiden). She said I must watch part 1 first or else I'd keep wondering the plots. Really great weekend night, we watched Sucker Punch as well (and this is truly a horrible movie!)

We took Adam on Saturday at his granny's house (without Aiden cuz Abang Long didn't let Aiden joined us). During the movie, Adam with his quite loud voice tone keep asking us "Eh? Kenapa telinga dia tajam, gigi dia tajam, hidung dia tajam?? Dia toyol ke, Cuwawa???" (referred to the elf). "Kenapa orang botak yang takde hidung tu kepala dia macam nak pecah?" (referred to Voldermort's head with clear veins). Well, he's smart actually. We told him to low down his voice for anything he's asking. But since it's my 4-year-old Adam, he whispered like normal talk. LOL. After about an hour, he slept on my lap. No wonder why he acted so awkwardly. 2.00++pm is Adam's sleeping time, we should've more alert about it. Plus, Harry Potter is our childhood movie, not Adam's, no wonder he didn't enjoy it. But I felt he's acting very cute and adorable. ^_^

Sending Adam back to his granny's house, I met Kak Reeny and Aiden, they're from Pudu. Less than 30 minutes to see Aiden. *sobs*. Looked like Aiden was excited seeing me. When I carried him, he was uttering many words to me. His vocabulary has increased. I love playing with infant that just begin to talk, it feels like playing with Talking Tom in iPhone. Ha3!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


(photo from google)

No, I'm not cursing, don't get wrong idea please. Previous Saturday I attended Edy & Ain's wedding. Bongek is Edy's hometown, located in Negeri Sembilan. Again I say, it's a LOCATION, not a curse ha3.

As usual, my journey started from Kuala Lipis (alone) and while waiting Abang Long to fetch me at Times Square, I did shopping alone he3. Not much shopped - just Elianto to purchase BB cream, Bread Story to purchase lots lots lots of breads and IT Centre for Abang's iPad's screen protector. Actually I wish to drop by at Watson but Abang already called me to hurry up since it's almost raining out there.

My two handsome devils (no, watch their shirt) - of course I was one be their guardian in the car (=.=)"

Why I'm so good be their car's guardian? Cuz Adam will surely sleep on my lap. No matter how naughty are you, you still an adorable kid, Adam. ^_^

Aiden the shorty curly curly perm kiddie refused to follow anyone except my Ayah, and Aiden calls everyone as "Ayah" including me, his Mommy, strangers, etc. The one he calls correctly is Tok Ayah, Abang (Adam), Ayah (my Abang Long).

I sat at the VVIP seat - which suppose to be Mama's place (it's okay, my face resembles to Mama already, who'd recognize I'm not her? He3), and it's my 2nd round meal. (Actually it was at last minute I need to replace Mama suddenly). People mostly targeted the prawns, but me - seafood? Huh~ bye2... (x.x)

Just a single random vain. LOL.

Meet Atin (Ain's sis) - Atin used to be called as "my twin" and "my best friend" before I went to college. Ha3 it's just me whom so friendly with kid. Atin is 13 already now. (Now she's getting darker like me ho3)

Abang Long is an amazing driver. He can sleep anywhere!

Finally! Photo of my family with Ain + Edy. Welcome to our tree, Edy. Ha3

Bye Ain, bye Edy, bye BONGEK!! Nyahahahaha!!! I didn't know the existence of Bongek until I met Edy. It was a time I joked to Ain "Bongek la ko! Ha3" and Ain said to low down my tone with bongek word and suddenly Edy said "Wei bongek bongek jangan sebut. Kampung aku la!" *chuckled*

Thanks a lot to Edy's family. They're great! Kampung Bongek's scenery is so beautiful with fresh environment! I hope to visit there again later c:

Saturday, July 9, 2011


"Take problems as God's ways to improve you. 
Remember, it takes a ton of pressure to make a diamond.
- E&S

I always tell myself that I'm a strong person - and acclaimed myself I'm stronger than titanium. Allah doesn’t give me more than I can handle. I won't let something that doesn't matter cause me to lose something that does. 

No matter how bad it seems, I won't turn my back from Allah. He's the only one that will always be there for me. I'm blessed that I was born as a Muslim, so I learn every single day that faith and patience are the things that every mankind must have inside their soul, and never ever let it go.

"Sometimes the toughest people are the easiest to hurt. 
Treat people carefully and remember, feelings are fragile.
- Unknown

So do mine. My heart could easily broken. But my mind will fight back telling me the broken pieces must be joint together immediately to get back the real form. That's why when I was condemned badly by someone, I just kept silent. I studied back what that person said - perhaps I'd get certain points for my self improvement. 

The reason I didn't fight back is not because I'm weak, but I'm strong enough to say - I don't even give a damn! I have my courtesy, I don't want to act rude. If I did, you'd regret, so do I. Because I will eventually say "This is so not myself". 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's annoy each other

And here are my annoying answers =P

1. You can ask the residents there.
2. If the fish died, the fisherman couldn't make money.
3. Invent one, your name will be used for the unit.
4. If there's a will, there's a way.
5. If he doesn't, then will you?
6. What would happen if the light freeze? You'd curse.
7. Sure why not.
8. Open anatomy and physiology book - it's stated under integument topic.
9. Absolutely. At the end of the world.
10. 'Cuz the floor deserves the real lemons more than of your tongue and stomach. 

p/s: Just for fun. I don't mean to be mean. c:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I opened another set of my toric lens - to test my eyes. Alhamdulillah seems that my left eye is healed. No more extra tears. I feel really comfortable ^__^

The lens are colourless - 14.5 mm. Less nerd, at least he3. The glasses give me red mark at the top of the nose. Maybe the silicon underlayers are not soft enough for my delicate skin.

However, glasses are still essential for me, especially for outdoor. I always need my transition glasses for my eye care under the sunlight.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Would you marry me if I could be very handsome

A step to my hometown, to attend Ain's wedding.

From Lipis to Puchong:
Meeting him is MANDATORY.
Kiddie you're so adorable! 
I knew you just wanted to play with the kitty-face bread.

From Puchong to Yong Peng with Abang Ngah and Kak Anis, I was "zzz..." in the car and arrived at home at very very very sleepy hour. My appearance at hometown was a surprised for Ain's family - since I said I couldn't to attend her wedding due my packed schedule. 
Ain is my cousin, we went to the same school since Primary 4 to Form 5 - for  8 years. She's my closest cousin - one of the reason is we born in the same year. She's my playmate (we love playing paper doll mostly), my fighting mate, and even my partner-in-crime. But after SPM, we made our own way differently. I wasn't her bridemaid on her wedding, but I was her whole-day-messenger ha3.

Since we're kid, we used to say we wanted to get married at the same time - but she surpassed me already LOL. At her engagement day previous year, she asked me "Bila kau nak cari boyfriend? Kata nak bersanding sama-sama." Of course it's too early for me - I'm focusing on my study, yet my elder sister hasn't get married. Ain got her lover much earlier than me, and she's graduated and working already - so I said "Jangan tunggu aku la. ha3"

Oh, I almost forgotten to say, she's married with Edy, her colleague - a friendly guy from Negeri Sembilan.

 At the evening, she asked me to accompany her for outdoor photo shooting.
1st location: I guess this is a haunted house.
 Almost decayed house structure - I couldn't stand with the mosquitoes!

2nd location: Pantai Minyak Beku

It's a new experience for me watching how they did the outdoor wedding photography, carrying Ain's veil, watching out her step (the bride was wearing heels of course), standing by with Edy's coat, and their umbrella (maybe I'd be good to be her best woman he3). Luckily the photographer is very friendly, so I didn't feel awkward following 'em. I couldn't wait to see the last photo - 3 of us with very beautiful scenery. Another benefit was - I finally stepped on to Pantai Minyak Beku! It may be odd to know someone who was raised in Batu Pahat has never been to this beach - it's funny to think back I went to many beaches in Malaysia, but not at my own place.

p/s: please ignore the title, it has nothing to do with her marriage. hahahahahah~

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pottery making in Temin

Yesterday, 2 PSV units (mine and senior) went to Pusat Kraf Temin, Jerantut for pottery making. From the campus at 7.30am, we arrived there almost 9.00 am. If you've been to Jerantut, you know how the road is - like a safety roller-coaster. Every student required to make at least 3 types of pottery in different techniques - scabbing, coiling, throwing and (I forgot another one).

Temin Kraf - pottery : ceramic and porcelain.

Owner: Cik Mat (back with blue shirt) and a practical student making a demonstration of coiling technique.

Let's play with clay - it's fun. ^__^

Scabbing technique - gluing the clay to cover holes, flaws, etc.

Throwing - my face looked like ceramic with glazing already.

Some samples of our masterpieces. 

The ceramics will be burnt in a furnace to get rid of water contained in the clay and next to be covered by glazing and burn again. We left the 'em and return back to campus at about 5.30 pm. It was a very freaking tiring day, I couldn't even feel my palm due tiredness kneading the clay.