Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday so far

Adam lived in my house for 5 days.
When he returned Puchong, I could see they both missed each other.

Aiden you've grown up and I'm lookin' forward to see you walking.
Kak Long Fareen's special day, she's always beautiful.

IKEA. Thanks for good pose, Adam.
For a week I spend most of my days with this couple. 
I like this man, he's generous. He3

It's okay if you don't go shopping with your hubby, yet you still have 2 wonderful sons. ;)
Aiden: Dude.... can you see how tired I am???!
They're now good friends.
It's one of your hobby, I knew it Adam.

Helping my sis to clear her rent house, see how shining the fan is, 
cuz I was one whom polished it. :D

I met this cute twin for 1st time, while it may be last for my sis, from her neighborhood.

No, I don't intend to purchase any car now, just accompanying Abang Pete and my sis. 
Err... but I've fallen with that black one... he3.

Visiting toy shop, Arale reminds me to myself, while Gatchan to Aiden.

My babyface dude loves food a lot, and he's getting fun to play with.

Visiting MAHA 2010, 1st day. Wonder how to explain about the crowd. 

It's truly not Adam if he didn't request it. REJECTED. Ha3!

 Keep smiling though you're tired.

I wished to purchase 'em all! Ha3

Final day in Puchong: I want to eat this baby badly.

So what's up next week? Tuesday - I'll be at Puchong again; Wednesday - I'm VISITING (ha3) Lipis for my medical treatment. Hope will be able to drop by at Bukit Tinggi.


ahsfantasy24 said...

oh adam yg handsome,
mngu dpan mai duk umah auntie lak ea,
hehhee... wa, pnjam sat!

Anis Shezeen said...
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wawamagic said...

@ ayu: kalo nk duk rumah ko make sure dia solat & berelakuan baik, tu la tujuan abg aku suh dia duk kampung dgn ktorg. ha3

@ anis: tq. anak2 buah aku fun utk dijadikan anak patung ha3

sue. said...

c0melnyeee budak2 ni..sue suke sangat2 kt budak2..erghh! c0mel!

wawamagic said...

@ sue: thank u. semua tu my nephews :)