Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday begins - Jamboree 1st.

As the exam was over, the trainee teachers went back home, for end year semester break. Except me and 3 batch-mates & 11 lower class-men, whom went to Terengganu 12th International Scout Jamboree. We departed from campus on 18th November morning. Anyway, this was my first time attending Jamboree and this is my second year as a scout.

Arrived about 5.00pm - Kem Telaga Batin, Terengganu. 
This time I really missed lots of cool things to snap. D:

Being a teacher (whom people said look-a-like Form 4 or Lower 6 girl), leading the Red team from Pahang contingent participants to almost all activities, and joining them to fill my passport stamp. He3 that's why people thought I was Secondary school girl. 

Kinda satisfied I managed to join many activities such as travelling in Kuala Terengganu City, traditional game, dynamic game, paintball, flying fox, rafting, kayaking, etc. Since this end year monsoon is coming, it's raining every day. The site camp was wet, still fresh in my memory how our tents were blown and crashed. We went back to campus at Wednesday, for another commitment T_T

 From this disaster camp, I discovered that my body is pretty extraordinary:
1- It took 3 days to discover a thorn remained inside my foot as it swelled. I thought it was nothing when I stepped on the thorny branch.
2- I accidentally slipped, hit my tent and broke the long thick iron stand inside the tent.
3. Due playing with rain for 4 days, I neither catch cold nor fever. Yey my immunity has increased! :D

During free time in a restaurant for dinner. Ascending by DOB.

Some badges I managed to buy and swap. Little beginning to be badges collector =) 
But still unsatisfied I couldn't claim some badges I deserve! D:
My pocket is broke as well. HA HA HA

On the way back to campus, Terengganu has started flooding.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The meow box

Guess what the heck is this kitten?

Yesterday, while I was spraying my glasses, suddenly I dropped it on the floor. And the result - the left glass went out from the frame. I tried to put it in back, but failed. I wonder something wrong with the frame strap for the glass. No optometrist opens on Sunday, so... :'(

The result is, I have to open another pair of toric lens. Actually I was planning to reduce the usage of lens 'cuz glasses is much brighter and clearer indeed. However, I'm consider as lucky having the lens as "substitute eyes" ha3. Now I can really see the benefit making one.

The kitten is my lensbox, I purchased it previous fasting month, cuz it seems cute ha3. Good, I use it finally. And just look at my handsome glasses, truly handsomely testing my patience. While not going out from my campus this exam fever, I have to use the lens the whole week. >.<

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eid al-Adha

To Muslim readers, may all our sacrifices with full of sincerity are blessed by Allah. =)

My story:
Since Mama is still not feeling well enough, this year Eid, Ayah and I were cooking. Mama said we cooked well. Ho3. But I was awaken (luckily Nabilah called me to come) quite late this morning, Ayah has already gone helping the villagers chopping the beef.

At home, Ayah said,  "Adik, tengok ni, tulang selangka. Nak buat sup tulang tak malam ni?" :)

Back to my story:
As I woke up, I saw Mama sitting outside the house with an orange in her hand. She said I was sleeping like dying and not making her juice. OH Crap. That's my morning routine actually. Without glasses, I took that orange and cut it. Err... luckily I didn't cut my hand as well ha3. Next, I was frying chickens and doing laundry at the same time. Yeah, it was almost afternoon, and I was doing the housing chores at eleventh hour! Luckily Ayah has already cooked other dishes when I slept.

Moral of the story is, DO NOT SLEEP LATE NIGHT AND PLEASE WAKE UP EARLY. But I'm hardly to change HA HA HA.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Twenty second.

Alhamdullilah I reached 22 this year. Thank you to all wishes; via messages, via calls, and via facebook. Do you know what is the symptom for birthday wishes?

While that night, I got my 1st birthday present - from beloved gay one. She knows me a lot, she knows what I like, and I really love that blue plushie - looks like onion. But she didn't wish me. HA HA HA. She came to complete her resume for job interview. Maybe I should request MARA to give her more scholarship to study abroad, then I can increase my foreign gift collections. LOL. If only that easy xD

The same day, I'm on my journey to see my newborn nephew - Muhammad Aisy Fayyad bin Mirdza whom was born at 1st November. (01/11/11) Pretty cool date baby, but why didn't you wait the next day so that we can celebrate birthday together every year? :/