Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final as trainee at school

Just finished my internship at SK (LKTP) Kota Gelanggi 2, Jerantut. Learned lots thing here, how to mix with community, etc. Anyway, just wish to share what we've contributed for this school.

About 10x25 feet mural. Completed in 2 months.

The very first art programme and exhibition. 
*my lecturer said he loved that design a lot. I was so moved!*

Thank you to our kind Headmaster and school.
 3 months for practicum and 1 month internship.
4 months in Jerantut. We'll never forget it. :) 
Never forget:
 My kids - respondents for my action research about drawing figurine.
Year 5 pupils, but one of 'em is higher than me. =_="
Thank you kids, you've helped me to complete my studies. :)