Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm busy and insane?

New semester started, I'm a busy bee..
Good thing no more physio to go
More time to spend for my study

More artworks to go
I'm wondering now
My lecturer said my artworks are dramatic recently...
While one of my friend said it seems that I'm searching for something unsure...
I may not realize it, but... this meant that I'm not sensitive with myself
I thought I'm happy already
What happened? Am I insane?
I failed to express what I feel.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm back to normal :D

Alhamdullilah, thanks a lot to Allah, yesterday I noticed my injured fingers now are able to work normally.

During the holiday, I found that I could:
- cut my own nail,
- hold glass
- and drive!

Now I can:
- grip my hand (though not perfectly),
- open door handle,
- carry pail with water
- twist bottle cap

Thus, I GUESS my physiotherapy session might end soon :D

Thanks to all physiotherapists and people from recovery unit (for almost 2 months!) for your good help and support. ;)
Not forgotten to orthopedic doctors whom stitched my finger neatly. I'm an art teacher in future, of course I heed to such thing. My scars are cool. No Frankenstein could beat me ha3.

However, I still can't endure the pain during cold weather and each time I wake up. My fingers are stiff! (x.x) This can be overcome when my body is active, and dipping my hand into warm water.
If this will be lifetime effect, I'll be fine, just a small matter. Allah knows what is the best for me. ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fill yourself

I don't believe in "Happily ever after." Not anymore.
But if the best I can manage is "Happily for the moment." Then it'll have to do.
- Cindy, From The Pages of Fables.