Saturday, December 31, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 10: Bye hometown ;)

Last day in Phnom Penh Airport, waiting for AA counter to be opened. 

Bye hometown - that's Makcik's line, not me. hahahaah~
9 days living abroad - I truly missed nasi lemak! waaaa~

To be honest, I did enjoy myself living in Cambodia, it taught me to be thankful living in my own country. I'm not boasting saying Malaysia is absolutely perfect, but after living in the village for so many days, I learned how to live without internet, not enough electricity, no air-cond. However, for the villagers - they never use such lame excuses to be left behind. Though it may look like Malaysia in 60s, the villagers are very hardworking, having more than a single job is such a normal thing for people there, even the youngsters are so workaholic helping out their parents. I was so moved! T_T

p/s: Visiting Cambodia wasn't my in my plan during this holiday. It happened by chance when Kak Reeny told me Makcik was going to visit her hometown. I was pestered to purchase the tickets 3 days before departing. Hahahaha~

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 9: The Royal One

I forgot to tell at the previous post, we went to Phnom Penh at the evening after climbing the Udong Hill. Arrived at night, we stayed in another Makcik's relative's house.  

 I met this girl in the house. She's cute like babydoll and very polite + ladylike.
Good icon of Muslimah. =)

Today's programme: Visiting around Phnom Penh - with tuktuk! :D

Visiting The Royal Palace - it's a museum actually. They placed golden Buddhist statues and some tributes to the kingdom from other countries - Vietnam, Tanah Melayu, Thailand, etc. No photos allowed inside the palace. 
(Hey I paid for 25 000 Riel but no photos???? grr!)

 No photo?? This is the place you prohibit! Don't challenge on me!
(I love the ceiling design ^_^)

One of  photo-allowed-corner. Those are the mannequins of lady-in-waiting (servant) with different colour of uniforms. From left; start Monday to Sunday uniforms. They required to change the uniform daily. Cool! :)
(oh it's like playing Gaiaonline!)

 They accompanied us along the roads in Phnom Penh. Don't ask where I was - great photographer.

 White catfsih in the pond. I wonder if this one is albino or the species really exists.

 Playing the weaving stuff. This thing is available in Malaysia, but I've never tried it before. 

Not just an atlas, see how to pronounce Terengganu in Khmer ^_^

After visiting the Royal Palace, we rounded the whole main road in this capital city.
 The embassy building. I saw Jalur Gemilang. Waaaa I miss nasi lemak!!!
Called in some market places - here's my tips: if you want to buy souvenir, better price is available in Phnom Penh. They sell the same goods, and much more choices. (^_^)

The great dinner:
They call it as cows climbing up hill.

 The process:
 Step 1: Preheat the pan on stove, put a table spoon (or more) margarine on the pan and let it melt.

Step 2: Put the marinated beef (marinate with ketchup and egg) on the pan.

Step 3: Put some vegetables around the remaining space on the pan. Ready to serve with blackpepper sauce! <3

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 8: Up to Udong Hill

Second day in Chrok Miet, I met one of Makcik's relative, called Maisam. She's 19, same age as Shida, despite her younger age than me, she's very friendly. She brought us to Udong Hill, one of the hot spot nearby Chrok Miet. 

 The tallest girl (left) is Maisam.
p/s: I always invisible in photo, cuz I was the great lady behind the lens. sobs.

 Estimated more than 30 minutes to reach the top, where the Buddhist temple is located.
One of the garden before reaching the top.

 Going down, a troop of monkeys attacked us! They're hunting for food! We're so anxious and suddenly by chance two monks passed by and all the monkeys dispersed. Owww thank you monks! Got fb? :P

Could you believe this flower is edible? According my tongue (LOL), this flower was same as cucumber taste. 

Less photos, less chronicle to recall. T_T

Friday, December 23, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 7: The life on Tonle Sap Lake

Last day in Mongkol Borey, we left the village early in the morning. To be honest, it was pretty sad leaving this place since we've been playing around here for five days. Though I couldn't really communicate with 'em (but some of the villagers speak Malay cuz they used to live in Malaysia for a while to work), they always being so friendly and helpful - and laughed at me when I tried to speak either in Champa or Khmer. However, thinking back, I missed nasi lemak more. D: The villagers keep asking me would I come back to Cambodia? When will I visit them again? I replied, maybe next 10 years, I'll bring my child as well. Ha3

 Gonna miss this breakfast place.

 Gonna miss the friendly villagers. (p/s: the man beside me has a good looking son. LOL)

Then, we headed to Chrok Miet, another house of Makcik's relatives.

 The monument on the way to Tonle Sap Lake at Kampong Chnnang.

Stopped by the road - purchasing palm-tree made souvenir for Mama.

 In front of Tonle Sap Lake. Look at the background, the lake legend was about a wife became a mountain waiting for her husband so long. :O

 The boats. 

 School kids rowed their sampan to return home from school. Interesting.

 House on the lake.

 I sat with Makcik all the way the boat rounded the lake. I was very cocky, life jacket wasn't essential.

 From far away view, I was thinking the green line was the land full with grass.

 Actually the land is full with water hyacinth!

 Look! The house was made by bricks! It must be pretty hard task to carry the bricks so much to the lake.

 I was informed this mosque was built under charity project by former Malacca Chief Minister. 

 Finished round the whole lake. During random sight seeing, wait... what is balut? and soap??? LOL

Early evening, we arrived at Chrok Miet.

 What a beautiful view of paddy field. 

Then, we visited Makcik's mother and brother's cemetery.

Not much photos (since the memory card space was critical), not much thing I could remember the journey. xD

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Visiting Cambodia Day 6: I like Mongkol Borey

It's the sixth day and we still playing around in the village. From morning till evening, we followed Makcik continued visiting all her relatives in the neighbourhood before we left next day.

 Visiting sick old man whom used to be a Bilal in the village.

 While visiting, I spotted man selling ice-cream!
 1 ice cream for 20 cent. Owh how I miss this childhood snack!

 Visiting young lady finishing up fish net with some iron rings. Well I don't know what's that actually.

 Lunch. Very healthy and delicious food. Less oil, less cholesterol.

 Sugar cane! 10 pieces for 20 cent. But since I was known as a kind and generous lady, they give me for free ha3

 Sightseeing at the mosque - just noticed there's graveyard.

 This gay cat - I'm gonna miss him forever. He loves me a lot. Once I woke up in the morning, he's sleeping beside me, outside the valance.

 Another exotic fruit. I failed to swallow it.

 Evening - playing with kiddies.

 I spotted missionaries from Thailand visiting the blacksmith. The boy (right) is the villager accompanying 'em.

 My small fans. Hehe. Lost communication. They loved my camera actually. I noticed my skin looked tanner.

  The last dinner in Mongkol Borey village. Kuay teow with fish and meatballs. 

 This is Mongkol Borey monument. It represents a man (farmer) whom was chasing a lady in paddy field. The 2 cows represents the man was rich with properties and that's one of his way to approach the lady.

next day: gonna leave this village. sobs. i liked them already. :/