Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just noticed

This is how my injured fingers can bend so far. 
NO, the point is not that. see red circles on my finger with 2 dots?
YES, I was wondering it's almost 2 months but why there's still the scab left...


Take a close look...


 This was my expression...
Guess what???!

One suture left in my finger...

Indeed I was shocked but then I laughed with Adam, all attempt to pull it failed, since it was too short. LOL. All sutures were removed in private clinic, and maybe the doctor just didn't notice about this that moment. Well, it's okay. It doesn't grab my soul anyway. Everybody makes mistake. :D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hoho holiday~

Holiday indeed is fun. I've planned to apply part-time job at big apple in BP mall. However, due the condition of my fingers (which still in progress to clasp fully) I don't think they’re any employer would want to hire a temporary disable worker like me. Lol. For friends who requested my hand's photo, here the latest photos.

Actually this one was taken in 16th Oct, a month ago. All sutures removed. Real FRANKENSTEIN!
The condition today. The scars already dried, and I'm satisfied with how the HA and the orthopedic surgeon stitched my fingers. I still wondering about my middle finger, yes you people can see how it is... but it's a total fine for me. 
What Allah has given to me is the best. :)

I'm kinda lazy to think about having physiotherapy, so one of my cousin whom is a nurse, Kak Long a.k.a. Fareen suggested me to use pillow that filled with foam (IDK what is this thingy called) as one of the therapy stuff.

TADAAA~ this is what I wanted to highlight actually. Given by my sis's best boy, Abang Pete~ very cute plushie~
Time for therapy~ nyahahahaahah~

Another therapy is playing PSP. hahahahahah~

Next post I'll talk more about this cute holiday~ :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you

I thought I'd never celebrated my 21st birthday. But, thanks to Allah's destiny, granting me very lovely family for making me happy. Yes, it's already 6th November, but I still can celebrate it, right? I knew I have to avoid taking egg yolk due anxiety towards my wounded fingers (though it's the wound already healed), so I was thinking where could I find eggless cake (instead of home-made one)?

No, cake is not the answer, it's BROWNIE. Secret Recipe walnut brownie. <3 I'm addicted to it~
Abang Long, Kak Reeny and Kakak planned this for me.

 21-year-old as Cu Wawa to show I am an aunt of 2 wonderful boys at 2010 :)

2 sugar dolls represents my babyhood and my adulthood. 
(But Adam said the baby is Aiden and the lady is my sis. ?????)

One of the moment that made me touched was when my little Adam sang the birthday song for me. 
And, I love my ORLY? hat. Ha3

Thank you, I've missed celebrating my birthday with my family for 3 years... and this 4th year  since I've been leaving my house, this is the best gift from Allah ever.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

21 - not about blackjack in cards

I was 21, yesterday. So, I'm 21 years and 1 day, today. LOL.

Thanks to Allah for giving me chance to reach this age, in a year with full of challenges, and let my will to overcome them.

One of the greatest gift from yesterday was 1st examination paper, ha3. And thanks to all nice people whom wished me via facebook (wow, more than 111 wishes!!), SMS and by mouth. Thank you to all presents from my classmates (which all of 'em are in cute classification).

No, I didn't celebrate my birthday this year. I'm a grown-up person and it's a total fine with me. Be gratitude with what I have already.