Sunday, December 26, 2010


It's been long time I didn't update my blog 'cuz I was so busy with my loving nephews. ;)

I'm about to talk about my physiotherapy that started at 8th Dec (suppose to be 10th Nov, ha3!!)
Went to Lipis Hospital though it's holiday, to see the orthopedic specialist after 2 months passed and truly glad to see him and I talked about all my fingers problem regarding to bend and grip 'em.  He told me my middle finger is crooked 'cuz my tendon is quite loose due the deep cut. Surprisingly, he tried to bend my index finger (which is most painful to bend!). It's hurt! (=.=)"

So I started my physiotherapy at the hospital and the physiotherapist just looks like a 19-year-old dude xD

 Do you people know what is this? It contains wax. 

7 times dipping my hand into the wax. Err... it's hot!

Ewww... it's like chewing gum... this is called as 'theraputty'.
I managed to transfer my  physiotherapy session to Batu Pahat Hospital during this holiday, next week will be the last in BP Hospital, and I got 1 present (as ordered by the orthopedic in the transfer note) from Recovery Unit.

To make my middle finger straight back! :) 

Monday, December 6, 2010

25 turns to how much i want :P

once you have been tagged,
you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,
things, facts or goal about you.
at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
you have to tagged the person who tagged you.
if i tag you, its because i want to know more about you.

1. Only Allah knows what I'm going to write the rest.

2. Don't you ever dare to ask me to eat bean sprouts!

3. I wish I was studying archeology.

4. PSP beats my interest towards reading and drawing.

5. I don't think declaring myself as gay is wrong.

6. I'm not too fond listening to music.

7. I enjoy studying about religion.
8. I don't approve anonymous in my life.

9. I want to visit Venice,  someday. :)

10. I've just watch Narnia: Voyage of The Dawn Trader 3D

11. It's normal when you wish to go back to previous time or year, so do I.

12. Indeed I look extremely like a geek, physically.

13. I wish I have chance to learn karate-do.

14. The reason I use English mostly in internet is, I'm used to it since I've known internet (1998) this is the only language I could see. And the way I could improve it.

15. I love doing charity work though I don't look so.

16. To people whom insulted my fingers injury could cause the decrease of my future dowry, BEWARE! I do nothing, but who knows God will?

17. I love almond oil scent.

18. I love tulip and wild lily.

19. I don't hate zodiac, but I do hate horoscope.

20. Mulan is my favourite Disney princess.

21. Favourite number is 11, means I got double 1, double victory. Just coincidence I born in November.

22. Yes I do love numbers and measurement.

23.Even though I was raised in village, I'm scared of amphibian and reptile. Gecko? oh no! It's just beautiful.

24. I don't mind living as Miss Independent for the rest of my life. 

25. I want to say thanks to Fiq for tagging me.

I tag:
anis shazreen (but i wonder how to tell via her blog, hope she'll read this)
kak nana

not enough? cuz i still wonder who'd truly read this.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday so far

Adam lived in my house for 5 days.
When he returned Puchong, I could see they both missed each other.

Aiden you've grown up and I'm lookin' forward to see you walking.
Kak Long Fareen's special day, she's always beautiful.

IKEA. Thanks for good pose, Adam.
For a week I spend most of my days with this couple. 
I like this man, he's generous. He3

It's okay if you don't go shopping with your hubby, yet you still have 2 wonderful sons. ;)
Aiden: Dude.... can you see how tired I am???!
They're now good friends.
It's one of your hobby, I knew it Adam.

Helping my sis to clear her rent house, see how shining the fan is, 
cuz I was one whom polished it. :D

I met this cute twin for 1st time, while it may be last for my sis, from her neighborhood.

No, I don't intend to purchase any car now, just accompanying Abang Pete and my sis. 
Err... but I've fallen with that black one... he3.

Visiting toy shop, Arale reminds me to myself, while Gatchan to Aiden.

My babyface dude loves food a lot, and he's getting fun to play with.

Visiting MAHA 2010, 1st day. Wonder how to explain about the crowd. 

It's truly not Adam if he didn't request it. REJECTED. Ha3!

 Keep smiling though you're tired.

I wished to purchase 'em all! Ha3

Final day in Puchong: I want to eat this baby badly.

So what's up next week? Tuesday - I'll be at Puchong again; Wednesday - I'm VISITING (ha3) Lipis for my medical treatment. Hope will be able to drop by at Bukit Tinggi.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just noticed

This is how my injured fingers can bend so far. 
NO, the point is not that. see red circles on my finger with 2 dots?
YES, I was wondering it's almost 2 months but why there's still the scab left...


Take a close look...


 This was my expression...
Guess what???!

One suture left in my finger...

Indeed I was shocked but then I laughed with Adam, all attempt to pull it failed, since it was too short. LOL. All sutures were removed in private clinic, and maybe the doctor just didn't notice about this that moment. Well, it's okay. It doesn't grab my soul anyway. Everybody makes mistake. :D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hoho holiday~

Holiday indeed is fun. I've planned to apply part-time job at big apple in BP mall. However, due the condition of my fingers (which still in progress to clasp fully) I don't think they’re any employer would want to hire a temporary disable worker like me. Lol. For friends who requested my hand's photo, here the latest photos.

Actually this one was taken in 16th Oct, a month ago. All sutures removed. Real FRANKENSTEIN!
The condition today. The scars already dried, and I'm satisfied with how the HA and the orthopedic surgeon stitched my fingers. I still wondering about my middle finger, yes you people can see how it is... but it's a total fine for me. 
What Allah has given to me is the best. :)

I'm kinda lazy to think about having physiotherapy, so one of my cousin whom is a nurse, Kak Long a.k.a. Fareen suggested me to use pillow that filled with foam (IDK what is this thingy called) as one of the therapy stuff.

TADAAA~ this is what I wanted to highlight actually. Given by my sis's best boy, Abang Pete~ very cute plushie~
Time for therapy~ nyahahahaahah~

Another therapy is playing PSP. hahahahahah~

Next post I'll talk more about this cute holiday~ :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you

I thought I'd never celebrated my 21st birthday. But, thanks to Allah's destiny, granting me very lovely family for making me happy. Yes, it's already 6th November, but I still can celebrate it, right? I knew I have to avoid taking egg yolk due anxiety towards my wounded fingers (though it's the wound already healed), so I was thinking where could I find eggless cake (instead of home-made one)?

No, cake is not the answer, it's BROWNIE. Secret Recipe walnut brownie. <3 I'm addicted to it~
Abang Long, Kak Reeny and Kakak planned this for me.

 21-year-old as Cu Wawa to show I am an aunt of 2 wonderful boys at 2010 :)

2 sugar dolls represents my babyhood and my adulthood. 
(But Adam said the baby is Aiden and the lady is my sis. ?????)

One of the moment that made me touched was when my little Adam sang the birthday song for me. 
And, I love my ORLY? hat. Ha3

Thank you, I've missed celebrating my birthday with my family for 3 years... and this 4th year  since I've been leaving my house, this is the best gift from Allah ever.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

21 - not about blackjack in cards

I was 21, yesterday. So, I'm 21 years and 1 day, today. LOL.

Thanks to Allah for giving me chance to reach this age, in a year with full of challenges, and let my will to overcome them.

One of the greatest gift from yesterday was 1st examination paper, ha3. And thanks to all nice people whom wished me via facebook (wow, more than 111 wishes!!), SMS and by mouth. Thank you to all presents from my classmates (which all of 'em are in cute classification).

No, I didn't celebrate my birthday this year. I'm a grown-up person and it's a total fine with me. Be gratitude with what I have already.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Malang tak berbau

It's less than a week after Eid's holiday, an accident happened to me. 

23rd September 2010

11.30 am: 
I was cutting fliers for VIP for Malam Penghayatan Kemerdekaan in Unit Grafik, IPGKTAA.
I was kinda tired, taking a break for some seconds with non-stabilized emotion and when I started back to continue cutting it, I lost my target to the fliers and the NT cutter cut my 4 left fingers, badly serious. 
My blood stains flooded all over the room, (on table, white board, floor)
With Sarah beside me whom watched this incident, I'm very sorry for troubling her very much... 
Sarah, I'm really sorry.... I wish this incident wouldn't be a nightmare for her, enough just for me alone. 
That moment, I felt so cold, watching my blood drenched on the floor.... and I felt like fainting... but still conscious. 

2.15 pm: 
I was admitted in the general ward of Hospital Kuala Lipis after 2 of my fingers were stitched in emergency unit. Wanna see? 

3 + 6 stitches. Cool, eh? It reminds me to Frankenstein.
The covered one was my middle finger which seriously injured.

The attendant said the tendon of my middle finger was cut as well, after making x-ray luckily nothing happened with my finger bones... I mean phalanges...  So operation was required to fix it.

24th September 2010

5.45 pm: 
I was brought to the surgery hall. The last thing I could remember was my right hand felt so heavy while my left middle finger was about to unwrap from bandage. It's hurt, I can't deny.

7.30 pm: 
I opened my eyes and I felt something stuck on my throat, it's like a tube with liquid, still in the surgery hall and thanks to Allah, everything had passed by. The first question I asked the doctor beside me when I opened my eyes, "Pukul berapa sekarang? Boleh saya tengok jari saya?" (What time is now? May I see my finger?)

26th September 2010
6.00pm: Discharged from hospital. 

Home already. I need to put on this blue stuff for 3 weeks.

3 temporary disable fingers.

When I was admitted in the hospital, I keep playing facebook by my mobile phone and yet people think I was still okay. Well, only Allah knows I was facebooking with tears, it's such a pain living in hospital. But I learned that 'Life is not for sadness' from a book, "La tahzan" (Don't be sad).

Thank you to my family whom had taken good care of me, my friends whom keep supporting and visiting me, my lecturers, and others who keep concerning about me. I'm really sorry I couldn't finished all the foods and drinks you people gave me because I had no appetite that moment. :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak

Dear people, I hereby would like to apology for all my mistakes, faults, negative acts, and all bad things I've been doing all my life. Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims and let this gift day from Allah makes our familyhood, friendship and good relation bonds become stronger.

Yes, I love this year Eid. Lots assignments to do, but that's responsibility. And  all my family members was home. :D 

The regular 2 families every year

 Complete family tree 2010 - 3 generations
Fish eyed view with tiny red chili pepper
2010 youngest member in family tree
A day before Eid, 30th Ramadhan.

Having hair cut with "Adik Woody (Toy Story)"
Good grandchild, helping his grandpa collecting dried coconut.
 Oh, I won't forget this babyface dude~ ha3 he's not fasting!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Italian cuisine in Yong Peng

Dinner tonight!

Home made lasagna made by me and my sis.
I've never thought I'd taken long journey to make this.
The ingredients, the method. 
Not satisfying enough, too cheezy sis~
The filling was good since I followed the manual. =D
1st trial anyway.
I bet I could do better next time he3.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Things to share (in BM)

24 protokol protokol yahudi laknatullah

Protokol Yahudi telah dibawa ke pengetahuan umum pada tahun 1901M, apaila seorang wanita perancis telah mencuri naskhah protokol ini daripada seorang pemimpin tertinggi Freemasonary. Wanita tersebut telah mencurinya diakhir muktamar rahsia (Jewish Masonic Conspiracy) yang diadakan di Perancis. Di dalam naskhah asalnya tidak digunakan kalimah “Yahudi” kecuali di dalam dua tempat sahaja. Ianya hanya menggunakan perkataan “Kita” dan “Orang bukan Yahudi”. Protokol-protokol ini telah diterjemahkan ke bahasa Arab oleh Ust Mohd Khalifah Attunisi. Di bawah tajuk “Protokol Hukama Sohyuni”

Protokol Pertama

Cara memerintah sebaik-baiknya ialah dengan menggunakan kekerasan dan keganasan bukan dengan perbincangan ilmiah. Hak itu terletak kepada kekuatan. Siapa kuat, dialah berhak, kerana dalam hukum alam, kebenaran terletak dengan kekuatan. Sesungguhnya politik tidak sesuai dengan akhlak. Pemerintah yang berpandukan moral bukanlah ahli politik yang bijak. Mereka yang ingin memerintah, mestilah pandai menggunakan tipu helah dan matlamat menghalalkan cara. Minuman keras haruslah digunakan untuk mencapai tujuan itu.

Protokol Kedua

Bantuan-bantuan yang diberikan oleh bangsa yahudi melalui agen-agen Yahudi akan memperkuatkan kaum yahudi. Yahudi akan memerintah bangsa lain seperti bangsa itu memerintah negaranya sendiri, tanpa disedari bahawa mereka telah berada di bawah genggaman yahudi. Ketua pentadbir yang dilantik untuk mengatur pentadbiran negara, mestilah terdiri daripada orang-orang yang berjiwa budak, yang mudah diarah untuk kepentingan Yahudi. Melalui akhbar, Yahudi menggerakkan fikiran orang ramai serta mengambil kesempatan untuk mendapatkan emas, meskipun dari lautan darah dan airmata. Pengorbanan adalah perlu, kerana setiap nyawa dikalangan yahudi berharga seribu orang bukan Yahudi.

Protokol Ketiga

Yahudi akan menjadikan negara bukan Yahudi, sebagai gelanggang pertelagahan manusia yang boleh membawa huru hara, seterusnya menybabkan kemerosotan ekonomi. Yahudi akan berlagak sebagai penyelamat dengan mempelawa masuk ke ‘pasukan kita' iaitu Sosialis, komunis dan lain-lain yang dapat memberi ruang kepada Yahudi untuk menguasai bangsa bukan Yahudi. Dalam alam fikiran Yahudi, wajib ditanam perasaan bahawa semua haiwan itu (bukan bangsa Yahudi) akan tidur nyenyak apabila kenyang dengan darah. Ketika itulah senang bagi Yahudi memperhambakan mereka.

Protokol Keempat

Bangsa Yahudi mestilah menghapuskan segala bentuk kepercayaan agama serta mengikis daripada hati orang bukan Yahudi prinsip ketuhanan dan menggantikannya dengan perkiraan ilmu hisab serta lain-lain keperluan kebendaan. Fikiran orang bukan Yahudi mestilah dialihkan ke arah memikirkan soal perdagangan dan perusahaan supaya mereka tidak ada masa untuk memikirkan soal-soal musuh mereka. Akhirnya segala kepentingan akan jatuh ke tangan Yahudi.

Protokol Kelima

Sekiranya ada di kalangan orang bukan Yahudi cuba mengatasi bangsa Yahudi dari segi sains, politik dan ekonomi, maka bangsa Yahudi mestilah menyekat mereka dengan cara menimbulkan pelbagai bentuk perselisihan sehingga wujud konflik sesama mereka. Kesannya, mereka mengambil keputusa untuk tidak mencampuri permasalahan tersebut kerana ianya hanya difahami oleh orang-orang yang memimpin rakyat sahaja.

Protokol Keenam

Untuk memusnahkan perusahaan bangsa bukan Yahudi, ialah dengan cara merosakkan sumber pengeluaran dengan memupuk tabiat membuat kejahatan dan meminum minuman keras di kalangan pekerja, serta mengambil langkah menghapuskan orang orang terpelajar dari kalangan bangsa bukan Yahudi. Semua bangsa bukan Yahudi mestilah dipastikan menduduki mertabat kaum buruh yang melarat.

Protokol Ketujuh

Orang-orang Yahudi wajib menabur fitnah supaya timbul kekacauan, pertelagahan dan permusuhan di kalangan manusia. Bila timbul penentangan terhadap bangsa Yahudi, maka wajiblah orang Yahudi menyambutnya dengan peperangan secara total di seluruh dunia.

Protokol Kelapan

Pemerintah Yahudi akan dikelilingi oleh segolongan besar ahli-ahli ekonomi dan orang Yahudi sendiri akan dikelilingi oleh ribuan ahli-ahli korporat, jutawan dan usahawan.

Protokol Kesembilan

Yahudi akan mendirikan kerajaan diktator dengan membuat dan melaksanakan undang-undang yang tegas, iaitu undang-undang yang akan membunuh tanpa pengampunan. Yahudi akan merosakkan moral pemuda-pemuda bukan Yahudi dengan menanamkan teori-teori palsu dan ilmu-ilmu yang batil.

Protokol Kesepuluh

Yahudi akan membawa masuk racun ‘Liberalisma' ke dalam negara-negara yang bukan Yahudi supaya menggugat kestabilan politik. Pilihanraya diatur supaya boleh memberi kemenangan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin yang dapat bertugas sebagai agen yahudi dalam melaksanakan rancangan rancangan Yahudi.

Protokol Kesebelas

Bangsa Yahudi menyifatkan diri mereka sebagai serigala dan bangsa lain sebagai kambing. Bagi mereka, Yahudi merupakan bangsa yang terpilih dan mereka bertebaran ke atas muka bumi ini sebagai satu rahmat. Berada di perantauan atau negara asing yang nampak sebagai kelemahan, sebenarnya mencerminkan kekuatan yang dapat membawa bangsa itu ke pintu kekuatan di seluruh dunia.

Protokol Kedua belas

Yahudi akan mengubah pengertian tentang kebebasan atau kemerdekaan dengan mentafsirkan istilah itu sebagai mengamalkan apa-apa yang diperkenalkan atau dibenarkan oleh undang-undang sahaja. Kalau bangsa bukan Yahudi diberi permit menerbitkan sepuluh akhbaratau majalah, maka bangsa Yahudi mesti menerbitkan 30 akhbar atau majalah. Perkara ini amat penting kerana ia adalah alat untuk mengubah fikiran rakyat.

Protokol Ketiga belas

Bagi memastikan kejayaan usaha-usaha memonopoli dan mempercepatkan proses keruntuhan, maka bangsa Yahudi hendaklah menghapuskan golongan korporat dari bukan bangsa Yahudi di samping mengadakan spekulasi dan menyebarkan projek mewah, pesta-pesta serta pelbagai bentuk hiburan lain di kalangan bangsa bukan Yahudi kerana semua ini akan menelan kekayaan mereka. Untuk mengalih perhatian orang bukan Yahudi daripada memikirkan persoalan politik, maka agen Yahudi hendaklah membawa mereka kepada kegiatan-kegiatan hiburan, olahraga, pesta-pesta, pertandingan kesenian, kebudayaan dan lain-lain lagi.

Protokol Keempat belas

Para filosuf Yunani mestilah membincangkan kekurangan-kekurangan serta mendedahkan keburukan agama-agama lain. Para penulis Yahudi harus menonjolkan tulisan-tulisan pornografi iaitu mengadakan sastera yang tidak bermakna, kotor dan keji.

Protokol Kelima belas

Apabila mendapat kekuasaan, bangsa Yahudi akan membunuh tanpa belas kasihan terhadap setiap orang yang menentangnya. Setiap pertubuhan yang merancang untuk menentangnya mestilah dihukum dan ahli-ahlinya dibuang negeri. Oleh itu, mesti didirikan sebanyak-banyaknya ‘FREMASONIC LODGE' iaitu tempat-tempat pertemuan rahsia orang orang Yahudi.

Protokol Keenam belas

Yahudi akan mendirikan universiti mengikut rancangan yang begitu tersusun. Pensyarah-pensyarah akan mendidik dan membentuk para pemuda supaya menjadi manusia yang patuh kepada pihak berkuasa (Yahudi). Bagaimanapun, ajaran-ajaran mengenai undang-undang negeri dan politik tidak akan diajar kecuali beberapa orang sahaja yang dipilih kerana kebolehan mereka.

Protokol Ketujuh belas

Yahudi meletakkan kehakiman dalam bidang yang sempit dan terhad. Guaman akan melahirkan orang-orang kejam, tidak berperikemanusiaan dan mempunyai tabiat buruk untuk mencapai kemenangan bagi orang yang dibelanya, walaupun terpaksa menghancurkan semangat keadilan dan mengorbankan kebajikan masyarakat.

Protokol Kelapan belas

The Kings of Jews akan dikawal oleh pengawal pengawal rahsia, kerana orang-orang yahudi tidak akan membuka pinti kepada kemungkinan adanya perancangan untuk menentang kegiatan Yahudi

Protokol Kesembilan belas

Bangsa Yahudi akan membicarakan orang orang yang melakukan kesalahan politik sama seperti orang yang mencuri, membunuh dan kesalahan-kesalahan yang lain. Orang ramai akan memandang kesalahan politik itu sebagai satu kesalahan yang hina dan timbul rasa benci kepada mereka yang melakukannya.

Protokol Kedua puluh

Bank Antarabangsa Yahudi akan memberi pinjaman kepada bangsa bukan Yahudi dengan kadar bunga yang tinggi. Pinjaman yang sedemikian, akan menyebabkan pertambahan kadar hutang berlipat kali ganda. Ekonomi orang bukan Yahudi akan lumpuh secara outomatik kesan pertambahan hutang tersebut.

Protokol Kedua puluh Satu

Yahudi menggantikan pasaran wang dengan institusi hutang kerajaan yang bertujuan untuk menetapkan nilai perusahaan mengikut pendapatan kerajaan. Institusi ini akan menawarkan pasaran 500 sijil pinjaman perusahaan dalam sehari atau membeli sebanyak itu juga. Dengan cara inilah segala perusahaan akan bergantung kepada Yahudi.

Protokol Kedua puluh dua

Untuk sampai ketujuan yang baik iaitu kekuasaan Yahudi yang berkuasa penuh dalam rangka meletakkan dunia dalam pemerintahannya, kadang-kadang kekerasan akan digunakan. Di tangan Yahudilah terletaknya pusat kekuasaan yang paling besar.

Protokol Kedua puluh tiga

Orang Yahudi wajib melatih seluruh umat manusia dalam meningkatkan rasa segan dan malu agar mereka terbiasa dengan sifat patuh dan setia kepada arahan Yahudi.

Protokol Kedua puluh empat

Kerajaan tidak boleh diserahkan kepada mereka yang tidak tahu selok belok pemerintahan. Hanya mereka yang boleh menunjukkan sikap keras, kejam dan boleh memerintah dengan tegas akan menerima teraju kerajaan daripada pemimpin-pemimpin kita (Yahudi).
 Ulasan: Dunia akhir zaman. Kita semua sedar ancaman yang wujud di sekeliling.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

this feeling

fever. not me. it's exam fever. great record for not playing PSP for more than 24 hours.
cuz it was kept in front of my room. (Caca's room)

it's kinda devastating for PBD (Classroom Management) paper.
one of the terrible thing in my life if i couldn't recall what i've learnt/ read.
so be it. only Allah listens to my pray.

wishing i'd go Puchong visiting my 2 cuddle nephews this Wesak holiday - 28th May.
thanks to my cute-should-be Sushi King calender, mistakenly put the Wesak holiday on 21st May.

my medicine for nose treatment is almost finish. just for allergic one left.
couldn't wait for this holiday, i'm planning to see ENT specialist.
keep hoping everything would turn fine and not burdening me.
but i always told myself, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN".
well, if only it's really polyp, i won't be surprised.
thanks to Dewan Kosmik, i learnt about health a lot, including my own one.

but wait, scout camping is around the corner, after the exam.
and to be honest, i love my previous group members better instead of the new one.
but learning new thing somehow is kinda fun.

what sort of feeling is this? it's total anxious...

i never feel okay in every exam season, unless for PSV 2 paper in SPM. =P
i reckon this caused by i'm lack of discipline in my study, but still dreaming to pursue my 2nd degree or master in Italy or France.
people may think art is fun and easy, but for me art is challenging and it's not like everyone could understand it.
even when i talked about perspective line, many couldn't get it.
the same situation when i said i didn't understand binary number to my Math class friend. ;D

now i'm thinking what would i answer for my PSV paper next week???
the prob is, we're learning Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for graphic, but why would the spot questions tend to ask about CorelDRAWlife i've never installed that software!!! ha3~ so i'm currently learning 'bout the tools type & their functions.

if only i could always feel happy like this moment...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crafting at hometown

Goin' back to Yong Peng, after 2 months I didn't fill my hometown address in the Buku Kuning (the yellow book use by IPGTAA's trainees as permission to go back home). Miss Yong Peng very much, miss Badut (the pink bear given by Yah on my 17th birthday), my Putera Sawyer Philbert (PSP), and pepperoni pizza in BP Mall. =P

This is Badut.

However the main reason I went back to Yong Peng was to seek doctor, to solve my wonder about polyp on my right nose that I had discovered since I was 13 or 14. Eventually, the doctor asked to seek the ENT (ear nose tongue) specialist. She only gave some medicine to reduce the 'thing' (which is still unsure what is it), and she said maybe it's to late to cure it fully, unless I do the surgery but it'll still appear again. So I'm planning next semester break on June to see the specialist.


This post is dedicate to my mother, whom I called as Mama since I was born.

To be honest, I didn't even remember that the 2nd Sunday in every May is Mother's Day. What made me realize it was my sis' wall on facebook. (thank to her, huh)

So I got an idea to give Mama a gift, which she said she wanted something to put her pen on her table.

Handmade design cup "HAPPY Mother's Day", made by my hand =D

With love shape *I love crocs!*

With pink love he3

From me and my sis, although made by me 100%.


Well, I don't feel this cup is beauty nor neat, however made by full of love, I feel the satisfactory. Mama said that it looks like kopitiam cup. ha3