Monday, November 2, 2009

Growing up

"Fear to grow up means fear for responsibility, but everyone needs to face it."

Thank you to Allah for making my life longer and I managed to turn to 20, today.

Thank you Mama for your effort giving birth to me, 20 years ago. You're the first one wishing my birthday although it's too early because I knew you're busy today checking exam papers.

Thank you to all (family, family going-to-be and friends) whom wishing for me by sms, facebook, face to face, etc.

Thank you to all my friends (Amy, Anne, Caca, Ejuk, Fatin, Kokna my beloved roomate, Sarah and Sue) for celebrating my birthday after 12.00am when I was ironing my cloth for next morning. Ha3.

They said this is all Kokna's idea. Yes, I know you're the best one for me forever (you're my alarm clock, you're my water supplier, and you're the joker). We may not in the same line, but I think that's make us very great roomate :D

Yey Tq kawan2ku syg~ GLOW IN THE DARK~

Presents from my dear friends~


Tq Sarah the cute photographer~