Monday, November 2, 2009

Growing up

"Fear to grow up means fear for responsibility, but everyone needs to face it."

Thank you to Allah for making my life longer and I managed to turn to 20, today.

Thank you Mama for your effort giving birth to me, 20 years ago. You're the first one wishing my birthday although it's too early because I knew you're busy today checking exam papers.

Thank you to all (family, family going-to-be and friends) whom wishing for me by sms, facebook, face to face, etc.

Thank you to all my friends (Amy, Anne, Caca, Ejuk, Fatin, Kokna my beloved roomate, Sarah and Sue) for celebrating my birthday after 12.00am when I was ironing my cloth for next morning. Ha3.

They said this is all Kokna's idea. Yes, I know you're the best one for me forever (you're my alarm clock, you're my water supplier, and you're the joker). We may not in the same line, but I think that's make us very great roomate :D

Yey Tq kawan2ku syg~ GLOW IN THE DARK~

Presents from my dear friends~


Tq Sarah the cute photographer~

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Bina Insan Guru (BIG) Fasa II
Community service.

Venue: 10th Oct 09, SK Gua

Task: Creating mural

No. I'm not emphasizing this. :P

With a Year 6 pupil, helping me to sketch the block letter on the wall

Wall doodle~

yey for 1 Malaysia! ;)

This is my classmate whom were sucked by alien and I was the only one saved. Hahahahaha!!!!!

From about 8.00 am, we finished about 5.00 pm.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's a month I posted nothing here.

So here's the one.
Perhaps later on I post about Eid and so on.

I just want to express, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

I didn't mind for losing the world's wealth, because I believe that's the way Allah wanted to test my faith. More importantly, there must be a bless in disguise.

But for people whom think they're adult enough to do THAT, what a shame. Allah sees what you do, 24/7!

THEY go to school to teach your student good thing, but THEY do the negative one instead. Have THEY no shame of themselves? Don't THEY think doing so could make their level even lower! That's so wicked!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Work + have fun


9.20 am - Spending mostly hours decorating class, making banner for Pertandingan Keceriaan Kelas + Banner Sempena Bulan Kemerdekaan.

I fight for PM's image on the banner with the designers, I badly wanted him to be on it.

Night: 10.15 pm after Tarawikh prayer - making surprise for our girl, Anne for her 20th birthday.

Birthday girl and November girls.

11.++ pm - Playing Cat Brand fireworks (sponsored by me :D) illegally ha3

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Berpisah lagi

Previuos Friday, for 2nd time, my HP Pavillion Dv200x (a.k.a. Henbuku) gave me the same trouble as it happened last May - graphic card matter. I weren't wrong, the graphic card was melt cuz it was made by aluminium and it should be changed with copper.

Once my dad said, "Corak baju pun x secantik skrin ni!"

Rushing back to my hometown to change with my dad's lappy, Henbuku was sent to the computer service shop and I need to copy all my important things in the hardisk 1st.

Terpaksa cabut hardisk dalam sebab sambung cable kat PC lain pun xbole appear apa2.

Proses menyedut harta2 berharga

So currently I'm using my dad's HP lappy for temporary period. Somehow I was thinking maybe I should sell Henbuku and buy another cheper but not-troublesome lappy but ever since Henbuku is my soulmate since August 2007, how can I easily hand on it to others?

My mama bought Henbuku for me for RM 4k minus RM 1 (means RM 3999) - Intel Core2 Duo, NVDia Graphic Card, 1gb RAM (but I already upgraded it to 2.5gb) My sis advised me to buy Dell Studio same as her, but still I need to think about it carefully... Of course there are pros and cons about trading in Henbuku with the new one~ (T___T)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For recent 2 weeks;

-1 week for SBE (which I went to an UNEXPECTED school) (O.o)
> For some scums I want to say this; "Judge yourselves first before the others, and DO NOT acknowledge someone by the reason you recognize him/ her is the descendant of someone"
> I'm proud being a daughter of my successful father but I dare to say most of the 'humankind' there treated me after they knew who I am. Of course I wasn't satisfy because they didn't treat me as myself but then talked at the back.
> For that 'humankind', I tell you what, APPRECIATE YOUR LEADER!
> Please be matured elders... it's your responsibility to teach the youngsters to be in proper manner but you'll never achieve if you couldn't behave well.

-1 week HOLY-DAYs which I spent almost 5 days in Puchong (totally precious time)
> Passed my driving test after only 2 days training even though the JPJ is careless
(all my siblings got their P just after SPM but since I started late, so I got it late as well)
> Making chocs, playing with little Adam totally made my day~
> Meaningful moment made me thought it's already end of the year holiday he3



The National Day was yesterday but the Independence Day should be every day.

I'll make sure one day I'm gonna be the next head of Ministry of Education to form the better education system.
(kalau x percaya check la my facebook, paling sesuai jadi menteri pelajaran! :D)

However, misery never choose its day...

Well, after 2 weeks leaving Lipis, it's time to return.
As normal, 10.16 a.m. the time for the train to depart from Kluang Railway Statation, however stopped after we reached in Segamat for almost 3 hours!


Read any today's newspaper and you'll figure out what actually happened... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

All right, ever since I love photographing, here some snapshots I've got from my seat;

Upside down... or left???

Couldn't imagine how does it feel being one of the passangers...

I think that's the cafe...

The wheels were outside the rail

Even the rail's bases were broken

Accidentally destroying the rail


Forgot to mention, it's the train from KL - Singapore and I wasn't the passanger of it.
Photos taken from train Singapore - Tumpat (which I was in it)

Utusan Malaysia Online:
Seramai 17 penumpang cedera termasuk lima cedera parah apabila tren Ekspres Sinaran Pagi yang dalam perjalanan dari Kuala Lumpur ke Singapura, tergelincir lalu terbalik berhampiran Stesen Kereta Api Batu Anam, Segamat dekat sini hari ini.

Dalam kejadian pukul 11.45 pagi itu, enam daripada sembilan gerabak tren yang membawa keseluruhan 243 penumpang itu telah tergelincir daripada landasan kira-kira 200 meter dari stesen itu.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cokoretto, cokoretto, cokoretto wa daisuki!

Meaningful holiday~
I, who live in rural area (ha3 Lipis lah!) finally managed to help my sis-in-law, Kak Reeny to make the homemade chocolate! For 2 days making some types of chocolates (only tester for Eid promotion) spending time in KandaDinda Confectionary, felt like I never want to go back to Lipis even though felt tired.

Of course my beloved little nephew, Adam 'helped' us as well, we're all fasting, he tested the chocolates and enjoy 'em very much.

A. Chocs Blueberry filling + White Chocs Coffee filling
B. White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling (loooove this!)
C. White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling + White Chocs Strawberry filling
D. White Chocs Strawberry filling
E. Almond Crunchy!! (thumbs up!)

15pcs in a clear round plastic box. RM22.
hadiahkan kepada family anda di hari raya ini!
note: ini bukan kuih raya. tapi CHOCOLATES. : )

TYVM to my sis I've stolen this pic from her Facebook to promote. Pre-order now!
For more info, click KandaDinda Confectionary link at the right layout.

One of Adam's favourite (me as well :D)

Si comot

Went to TESCO with him & my sis previous evening. If I were a kidnapper, I wouldn't have kidnap this kid, but I'd rather ask him to carry my goods hehehe...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a goodbye

2 weeks ago I sent my W810i to a mobile shop in Lipis to fix the camera and other broken device. I'd totally forgotten to keep my memory stick before sent it, but only remembered after a week. After 2 weeks and 4 days waiting so patiently, finally it's done. So today after classes I went to the shop with my classmate, Caca whom riding the motorbike.

Charged for RM150 - yes, I do satisfy because the camera is functional back when I checked it in a bakery, Good Point (at that moment we were hanging out happily with some other classmates - including the mabuk one).

............... Just now... I found that the memory stick space is EMPTY! Immediately I called the shop but they said they'd already given it to me when I leave w810i in the shop and they DID NOT admit the loss cause they said what point taking it anyway. Hey, you can sell it to other people, right???!!!! All right, just 512 MB Memory Stick Duo but it still valuable for me! I don't intend to excuse anybody, because perhaps accidentally someone dropped it somewhere when he's fixing it since they need to open all the screw to change the ribbon inside. The point is, they should be more particular and be responsible. Another thing I want to complain is, there is a small part broken because they took off the screw but I reckon I could manage to overcome it.

The thing is, I want to give my W810i to my sis cause she needs extra cellphone for temporary use, that's the main reason I sent to fix the camera even though I have my T707i...

Anybody who wants to know which mobile shop is, just ask me and I will surely tell you.

So, MORAL VALUE for today: Just be careful when you send your device to be fixed and never ever forgotten like I did to keep first the valuable one.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My dear Eyrie...

Almost a year, I almost forgotten about the existence of FrozenEyrie, my beloved Neopets! I've been looking after him since I finished my PMR in 2oo4!
This is FrozenEyrie, a pet from eyrie species

The reason for not logging Neopets World was I tend to spend my online time playing So I logged in to today and it seems that my account is still exist! (He3)

However, FrozenEyrie is dying!!!!!!!!!! Nevermind, your master is very responsible person so she'll look after you as she's done before he3.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The kickstart

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I'm making my blog alive again...
What does it mean?

I had a blog when I was 14 (6 years ago), of course the childish one when I only talked about what I like, my fav movie, actor & actress, post some anime char, etc. and eventually just abandoned it.

I was thinking about making it alive back for ages ago, but so much excuses blocking me from doing so. Since late last year, more and more my friends addicted blogging, and asking me to join 'em (same as what my only sis told me when I was 16). I say yes but unluckily my beloved w810i (which is my fav gadget to capture photo) 'swallowed' tonnes of water in National Park, Kuala Tahan. As result the camera part was broken (rusak!!!) and so, "I DON'T WANT MY BLOG TO BE EMPTY WITHOUT ANY PHOTO CAPTURED BY ME!"

Ever since last week, I went back home for a new clamshell (yay!) model SE T707i (detail specifications, visit or so I have new 'portable' camera inside! (Even though mostly clamshell camera is not as good as monoblock). Believe it or not, my dad seems planned to buy the same model. So later I can upload photo in my blog!

T707i by Sony Ericsson

Mine is Lucid Blue colour

This might not end for today 'cuz I may post another one :D