Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesdy

Seems that I still wanna leave words... ha3.
This is Magnolia Sherbet - Thing I love most from Petronas Kuala Lipis.
My favourite flavour is honeydew.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My left eye sees you

It's about my left eye again. Finally I went to hospital, consider as unplanned for today's schedule. By coincidence I saw Ruhil and Kak Wani were saying hi to me when I was on the way to go back to hostel, they both were sitting on the bench at Dataran Bestari, waiting for taxi to go hospital. I joined 'em. Thank God, I don't need to wait until this Wednesday to go there as I planned. :D

Good thing was we didn't have to wait soooo long since there was not so many patients today. After seeing the Medical Assistant (MA), he directed me to do eye test. Some assistants there thought there was something wrong with my glasses and told me I should've changed the new one. And I told 'em again and again I change my glasses every single year, and the one I'm wearing now was made on February - and also the problem is just at my left eye, not both. Finally, the MA gave me a form to refer to ophthalmologist. I was like 'err.. do I have to?' 

Medicines from hospital - eye drops and chloro... (I've forgotten). I guess the pink cap looks so cute ha3

The appointment with ophthalmologist suppose to be 14th July, but I asked to postponed it since next week I'll start my practicum and no time to see the doctor. Plus, the appointment only available before noon. Thus, I'll be seeing the doctor on September - well I requested the date after I finish my practicum. The staff there even said "agaknya bulan 9 mata awak dah baik" and I replied "kalau baik saya tak datang la" =P 

I guess I got another sickness - headache, but more to left side head. Dear Allah, I hope I could endure all the pain as I did before. Make me stronger and full of patience, please. You always have the reason why You test me, and help me to accept it with faith. =)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

How Girly Are You Survey

A random survey I found, share in your blog if you wish :)

1. Do you paint your nails?
> No.

2. Do you wash your hair every day?
> Yes.

3. Do you fix your hair nice everday?
> Yes.

4. Do you dress nice everyday?
> Not so, just simple shirt.

5. Do you drive a cute car?
> I don't drive. T_T

6. Do you carry a purse everywhere you go?
> Almost, it's a necessity.

7. Do you paint your toes?
> No.

8. Do you have your room decorated pretty?
> No, my room is just simple but decorated with paintings.

9. Do you wear jewelry?
> I used to - a ring in middle finger.

10. Do you wear makeup?
> Yes, thin layer when I go to class.

11. Do you wear name brand clothes?
> Sometimes.

12. Do you try to look better than other girls?
> No, I don't like to be in spotlight.

13. Do you like getting sweaty?
> Yes. I feel so healthy.

14. Do you work?
> No, I'm still studying.

15. If so, Where?
> -

16. Do you love to shop?
> Yes when my wallet is thick.

17. Where do you shop?
> Anywhere.

18. Do you wear perfume?
> Sometimes.

19. Do you get your Eye brows Waxed?
> Heck no!

20. If so, How often?
> -

21. Are you in a relationship?
> Yes, with God - the most important relationship you must have.

22. If so,Do you make your man do everything for you?
> zzz...

23. What is your favorite color?
> Dark brown.

24. Do you drink water or pop?
> Water.

25. Do you love shoes?
> Yes.

26. If so,What is your fav kind?
> Sneakers. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

God is testing my faith

My left eye seems quite troublesome now. I've just noticed this problem since previous Saturday when my left eyes produced lots tears when I inserted my lens on it. On Tuesday, I tried to insert it back, and again same problem occurred at my left eye. I could only see clearly by right eye. What could I see obviously was sticky tears at my left lens - not at my right lens. Tears couldn't stop flowing and I kept rubbing my left eye until it got red and very itchy.

The next day, during the art lecture, I did the same thing - kept rubbing my left eye. Thus, I've just noticed something seems Déjà vu - I used to do the same thing ever since previous semester during lecture before I started using lens - before April. I've just realized it was one of the reason why I always needed Eye Mo every time, it because when my left eye keep flowing with tears, I kept rubbing and this made my eye irritated. I always feel that Eye Mo could relieve my eyes perfectly - though I know there's side effect for constant using. When I closed and opened my left eye, I felt like a thick membrane existed on it for a few seconds. I searched some information regarding eyes problem, and one of the thing I'm afraid most is glaucoma.

I decided to go hospital today to check it so I went out with Anne at 3.30pm - accompanying her to BSN to make her new ATM card at the first place. Lots people in the bank. Anne's turn was at 4.15pm. While waiting, I kept rubbing my left eye with tissue - tears getting more sticky. After she had successfully renewing her new pin number at the ATM outside, one of the banker came to us and asked Anne about internet banking. He asked me to do the same thing - I told him I've unsuccessfully registered the BSN internet banking 2 times and he ordered me to get the new iPin from the ATM. I made a straight face. Guess what appeared on the ATM slip? 

2 Policemen on duty standing at the door and started having a short conversation with me.

Policeman 1 : Ok dik?
I                   : (shook my head and showed the ATM slip stated DENIED)
Policeman 1 : Awak cukup 18 tahun tak?
I                   : CUKUPLAH! (suddenly little bit pissed off)
Policeman 1 :  Ye ke???
Policeman 2 : Betul dah 18? Lahir bulan berapa?
Policeman 1 : Umur sekarang berapa dik?
I                   : Saya 22 lah! (unsatisfied tone)
Policeman 2 : Eh 22? Sama dengan saya la!
I                    : ...........
Policeman 1 : Laaa... biar betul dah 22 budak ni...
I                    : (=.=)"
Policeman 2 : (Talked to Policeman 1) Umur sama dengan saya rupanya...
I                   : (ignored)

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude by raising my voice, but I kept thinking it's already 4.50pm and I was chasing the time to go to hospital. I was just little pissed off with the banker asking Anne to get into the bank again to promote internet and mobile banking. Finally we arrived at the hospital at 5.13pm - just few people waiting there. I asked a nurse whether I still could get treatment and she said it's already closed. Well, I didn't blame anyone for what happened, Allah is always testing my faith. So just be more patient dear myself. I still have my right eye =)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Biskut kapal terbang

New semester has just started, I'm now in Sem 6, gonna wait 1 1/2 years more to grad. (Owh please make it fast). One thing I've been waiting during holiday was biskut kapal terbang (plane-formed biscuit) from my room mate, Kokna (supposed to be Kak Na, but I changed it) :P

This biscuit was one of my favourite childhood snack. I used to bought it about 50 cent in a small plastic bag, from a grocery and having it at evening while watching my brother playing takraw or badminton. (You can imagine I was a non-stop-chewing monster cookie back then :D). Last time I had it was at 6 or 7 - and I didn't find it sell anywhere, until one day I was talking with Kokna about it and she said perhaps the thing I wanted was available at Dataran Syahbandar, Kuala Terengganu. I'm so lucky having a  room mate from Terengganu for this 4 years! First time she bought it for me was previous March holiday - and that made me delighted a lot. Just imagine you got what you've been craving for 15 years! >.<

See the form? It looks like a jet or plane. 

In the previous semester break, I ordered for 5 packets. Yesterday, she only brought 3 packets but the plastic are bigger and the quantity is more than I expected. She told me I was so lucky that only that 3 packets left when she was dropping by at Dataran Syahbandar.

Don't get deceived. It can't fly. Though the colour is red, it's not spicy.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Finishing the semester break

I've been waiting for more than a year to use my passport, which will end June 2012 - so I went to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with Yah, Nabilah and Nabihah. Departed from Yong Peng at about 5.30am, arrived at JB at 8.00 am - we parked the car at Tune Hotel JB, and purchased the 10.30 am bus and USS tickets there.  It's RM25 - bus (go and return) and $72 - USS (the minimum price without meal and hotel).  

Tune Hotel JB

While waiting for the bus, we went for breakfast nearby the hotel -
lontong + sambal sosej with ice lime drink.

And finally we're here! yey!

My companions.

And here are the places we went:
New York City

Light, Camera, Action Studio hosted by Steven Spielberg.

 Sci-Fi City. We played roller coaster - Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN
We're at the 1s row and it's WOW! I won't ride it anymore ha3

Ancient Egypt - my favourite studio!

We played another roller coaster - 
but it's indoor for this studio and much fun with the effect around.
In ditch black place, it's called as Revenge of the Mummy.

The Lost World - we went for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. 
It took 2 hours just to queue - the most crowded place. 
But it's worth. :) 

Take a break - have a box of nachos!

Far Far Away - Shrek 4D Adventure. 

We're starving and decided to eat and continue going to Madagascar after the lunch (but it's 5.00pm already) - we entered the food court and one staff said,

"I'm sorry girls, most of the food here are non halal, you can only eat nasi ayam penyet there" (pointed at nasi ayam penyet booth)

and as we're about to go there, other staff said,
"Miss, I rasa jangan makan kat sini tau, walaupun tu nasi ayam, tapi kami takde certificate halal, jadi kalau rasa was was baik makan kt Egypt dengan Shrek je, kat sana memang confirm halal."

When we're about to exit, another staff said,
"Girls, we're sorry we don't provide halal food here, pork and lard are served. Really sorry, you can go to Egypt cafe or Shrek."

Well, thanks to the staffs for being aware of Muslim's sensitivity.

Late lunch at Oasis Spice Cafe - Pharaoh's Baryani set.

It was so late to go to Madagascar, since our bus was at 7.30, and we need to rush. But before leaving the USS, I noticed the  Walk of Fame at Hollywood Boulevard. 

Sorry for my pose Elton John, I only managed to snap on yours. Ha3

It's a great experience and we planned to visit there again next time, because we probably can't make time like this holiday to go out together - Yah is going to work soon while Nabilah will continue her upcoming semester without break. Or perhaps I'll go with someone else. ha3~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 years passed

It's been 4 years she left me and Malaysia for her further study in USA after SPM. I'm referring to my missing best friend - Yah. She has just graduated in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and today was the first time I met her since 2007, she had never come back here even once for 4 years because she's damn hardworking taking extra class and vacation every semester break. 

Please forgive her insanity. 

We went out to BP together with Nabilah and her cousin, Nabihah. They both renewed their passports while Yah renewed he IC - how come 22-year-old dude was still using 12-year-old IC? That's why I said she's insane. Insane after leaving me for 4 years ha3.

While waiting Nabilah and Nabihah's (hey I like your name when it comes together) passports, we went to BP Mall - I was planning to call on Maxis Centre to upgrade my broadband plan and Yah was searching for iPhone charger - she's insane for leaving the charger in US.

Nevertheless, when it came to girls' walk - windows shopping was still essential. (except for me lalalala~)

Dropped by at Giordano store.

 What so excited watching designed tee but she purchased nothing LOL

An ALIEN appeared when I was shooting at the mirror.

This one was serious - Yah purchased this pumps for her interview soon.

Finished shopping (and I was just a guide for Yah whole day)  - we went to Rengit Coffee (again) for lunch.
No specific meaning - just showing honey lemon beverage - my favourite!

Honey lemon, orange, hot tea and soy jelly grass.

After taking the passports, we went to Yah's home and snapped some photos at her new gazebo.
PUNCHED! If only I could do this at her - this was what she used to bully me at primary school. 

Back then she's much taller than me, but today she's just 9 cm taller. 
I should've taken more calcium before seeing her back! >.<

Late evening, we went to pasar malam - that's what Yah has dreamed so long to go to a place where she could buy any food with less worry of halal matter. My semester break is about to finish, and I have not much time to bully her back before she starts working and I'm continuing my upcoming 3 semesters.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The dinner chef

Mama was busy to key in her students' mark. Ayah was busy with his iPad. I was the one less busy facing facebook. Mama said she couldn't make time to prepare for dinner. I asked 'em whether we're going out for dinner, Ayah ignored my inquiry. So, the 'good-heart-one' like me offered if I should do it. Mama said sardine and tempe would just enough. That made me a lone chef today. Usually Ayah would help at kitchen, but only to prepare breakfast.

I'm indeed not a good cook, I only cook myself when I'm  only one at home. If I were alone with Kakak, we cook together. All my life I've never prepared fully meal for my family.  Just helping little with vegetables is my specialty. ha3.

Preparing sardine and tempe dishes took 30 minutes - because I cut onion neatly and nicely ha3. 

The dishes all I could do T_T

After finished cooking, I went to take bath. I heard Mama said it's delicious. I wonder which one she meant. After dinner, they commented;

Mama : Tempe ni sedap, tapi tak cukup masak.
I          : Macam mana nak tau cukup masak ke tak?
Ayah   : Tengok je la warna dia ni, masih putih, belum serap air lagi. 
Mama : Patutnya kena letak air banyak sikit.
I          : Biasanya Mama bubuh sos tiram tak? Adik letak je tadi.
Mama : Tak, cuma air je la nak bagi lembap.
Ayah   : Bilis banyak betul! *chuckle*
I          : Banyak ke? Segenggam je la.
Ayah    : Ya Allah... 
Mama : Banyak la tu! Nasib baik awak masak, senang Mama nak buat kerja.

I always failed preparing meal except making spaghetti and pasta. It must be something lack with my cooking. So dear any mother whom is seeking a daughter-in-law, DON'T CHOOSE people like ME or else your son gonna be skinny after marriage. LOL. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

The story of nasi lemak + visiting the ancestors

When I was brushing my teeth this morning, suddenly something ran in my head - it's nasi lemak. At the same time, I heard the sound of Ayah's car. Mama and he just went back from the mosque for Subuh prayer. Good thing was, they really bought nasi lemak! Last time I ate it was in practicum - around March and April.

 Just ordinary nasi lemak, but it's very precious when you're craving it.

Though nasi lemak is the most common breakfast in Malaysia, I seldom choose as breakfast cause I don't want to get sleepy in class. Ayah said it's just unacceptable theory saying coconut milk could make people sleepy since he ate nasi lemak almost every single day when he was still working and it gave him no effect. Perhaps he's right about it because eating curry would give me no effect either. Somehow, any type of rice would make me sleepy easily, that's one of the reason I rarely take rice for breakfast and dinner.

After breakfast, we went to the graveyard behind Parit Arshad's mosque - to visit our ancestors. I offered myself to drive and Mama said she would rather ride motorcycle herself instead of being my passenger. That's very offensive, though she didn't do it.  (T_T)

 Tanah Perkuburan Masjid Parit Arshad

 The area where my ancestors were buried.

 Reciting Yaasin - oh how ascetic my face! ha3

Part time tomb guardian. ha3

On the way back, I drove again and I noticed I could control the car better on narrow road. Thus, I asked Ayah whether he would let me drive myself to college and he said I should take Kakak's Atoz instead of my (soon-gonna-be) MyVi, but I said I wanted his City more (indeed I was joking). However, it's too far to make him trust me since I park real sucks! 4 months more to get my CDL but my confidence and skill seem as if I just got P by previous 4 months. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

N's day out

What is N? It refers to my initial and my date partner today.

My date today - Nabilah.

I asked Nabilah out to watch movie, and made her to drive my (later-gonna-be) MyVi. We went to BP Mall Big Cinema and purchased Kungfu Panda 2 3D tickets (and this reminded me that I should've made another pair of toric lens). While waiting 1.45pm for the movie, my tummy was singing "I'm hungry lalalalala~" So we attacked Rengit Coffee.

 Nokia VS Nikon

 A weirdo snapping photo of weird chairs.

 Our snack. Bean curd - beansprouts for you, cucumber for me. :P

 As usual, my favourite cuisine - noodle soup in chicken + mushroom broth.

 Thanks to Nabilah, she's the one whom put the shawl on my head =)

Purchasing new mouse. I may be a mouse killer, no mouse could last long till 5 months under my right hand. 

After Zohor prayer, we headed to cinema and watching Kungfu Panda 2 made us keep saying "inner peace"- that's how movie could influence our dialogue. What I really uncomfortable was wearing the 3D glasses doubled with my glasses. This wasn't the first time, I experienced it before when I was watching Narnia 3D. 

Went back, I drove and she observe by my side. Seemed I've lots more skill required to control the steering smoothly, especially at the corner. And I guess I did learn how to control it better :)

While I was turning right at my home entrance... I hit the short wall at the bridge. The damn good thing was, Ayah was waiting outside the house (actually he's putting the luggage in his car to go to Kakak's house) and of course I got free lecture again. Before he left, he told me to take care and do my art assignment properly :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Journey to the east coast

3 days 2 nights holiday in Kelantan - real target was attending Nur Hakimah a.k.a. Imah's wedding.
9.15 pm: Taking bus from Yong Peng to Pasir Puteh - with 3 more friends taking from Segamat. Sleepy night, I was sitting beside a middle aged man, whom slept like a monster, conquering a part of my seat as well. Luckily I was quite patient that moment, or else he would have slept on the road already.

5.15 am: arrived at Pasir Puteh. The driver actually drove damn fast, we supposed to reach at Pasir Puteh on 6.30 am. Calling my classmate, Heir to fetch 4 of us. 

Skip the time, after Subuh prayer, we went to:
for breakfast.

Touring around Pasir Puteh with Heir as our driver, he asked us whether we want to go to Kota Bharu or Jeram Linang. I'd like to KB (thinking about museum and other interesting buildings), while the rest chose the waterfall - so unplanned picnic. 

 fall~ fall~ fall~ waterfall~

At the afternoon, we went to Imah's house. Yey~ we're so excited since she's our 1st classmate who got married. Just visiting Imah and her family before solemnizing of marriage night. We like her family a lot, they're very friendly, including her kiddy kiddy nephews and niece. Well, that's how teacher's family (her mom, dad, bro, sis, sis-in law - all teachers) *in proud intonation* ha3

Next, we went to Machang, Heir's parents hometown - the 4 of us stayed in his granny's (from paternal side) house while he stayed in his granpa's (from maternal side) house. Just 5 minutes from both house. 

 View from the car - road to Machang.

Cows walking in herds - perhaps almost hundred we could see, crossing the road.

At that night, we went to Pasir Puteh again~
Last photo with Ms Hakimah before she turned to Mrs. ha3
She's always beautiful, whether with or without cosmetic make up. =)

 Certificate of marriage - officially Mrs. Hakimah now!
7.00 am - Visiting Machang's hot spring - the common place where the villagers take bath every morning. 

9.00 am - Attacking Rantau Panjang - last time I went here was 16, with Mama. Not much has changed, except the price rate. ($.$) Let's see what has made me so eccentric here:

 just usual.

 Unique-shaped fishcakes, pink ears kitty with eyes made me no appetite to purchase it. ha3

 So portable, eh?
10.00 am - leaving house earlier to attend Imah's wedding - actually to find bus ticket. However... well, when you have chance to decide yourself where to go...


Ha3 what so ladylike visit at beach!!!

tadaaaa~ we still made it!!! yey congrats my dear friend Imah <3

Before leaving Pasir Puteh, we went to another waterfall, I forgot already what's the name Jeram ?????

 What's your name, Jeram????

 Fish satay - a type of snack available in east coast and north. I've never found in Johore. 

 When the Johorians and Selangorian found what they've never eaten...

estimated 7.30pm - waiting to leave Kelantan, and my bus was at 9.11pm.

6.30 am  - arrived at Yong Peng, as I reached home, I put all my dirty cloth into washing machine and zzzzzzzz.....................
1.00 pm - awake!! huh??? =.= I found out... 

KTM member card has arrived.

 My 2 loyal nephews were waiting for me. =)

Adam: CU-WA-WAAA!!! Pergi mana???!!! Jom la kita main prince kayu selamatkan princess!!! (Showed his wooden toy - bought by Kakak)
Aiden: Ohh~ ohh~ pe? pe? (He's asking what we're doing - disturbing us, separated and pulled out Adam's prince from the wooden base)
Adam: Adik ni macam kambing kecik la!!!! (Referring Aiden as baby lamb in Timmy Time)