Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Last Chapter I: Around RADAR 360

 Hi. Did I make any sense?I was holding the exhibition catalog!

The official logo of RADAR 360.

What was RADAR 360 about? RADAR is the antonym for Rasa Dalam Rupa (the sense in form), held in 11th October - 13th October 2012 in IPG Kampus Tengku Ampuan Afzan, my college for half decade (5 years 5 months). This was our final exhibition as degree students in Visual Art Education. Let's take a glance. 

 We made this 'photobooth' from plywood. Damn heavy I say. 

What I did, what I got, whatever around RADAR 360:
 I don't always play with henna, but when I do, I make crap doodle.

My exhibited artworks:

Size: 99 x 79 cm
Media: Oil paint on canvas

Size: 59 x 42 cm
Media: Oil paint on plywood

Size: 59 x 42 cm
Media: Fabric dye on linen 
That's all. But I made 'nother one during the exhibition:
This is what we called as 'batik' using the tool called 'canting', filled with melted wax.

And becoming like this. Oh yes, I do love dragonfly, a lot! :)

I don't want to make long post with lots of awesome photos from our exhibition, so...
Stay tune for next post: Behind the Scene of RADAR 360.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final as trainee at school

Just finished my internship at SK (LKTP) Kota Gelanggi 2, Jerantut. Learned lots thing here, how to mix with community, etc. Anyway, just wish to share what we've contributed for this school.

About 10x25 feet mural. Completed in 2 months.

The very first art programme and exhibition. 
*my lecturer said he loved that design a lot. I was so moved!*

Thank you to our kind Headmaster and school.
 3 months for practicum and 1 month internship.
4 months in Jerantut. We'll never forget it. :) 
Never forget:
 My kids - respondents for my action research about drawing figurine.
Year 5 pupils, but one of 'em is higher than me. =_="
Thank you kids, you've helped me to complete my studies. :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Random post

Nothing much to talk. Too many things keep inside. Anyway, just random post to ensure my blog wouldn't be dead one. 


While 'processing' my bag, bag, bag and bag - I found this. Not to bug talking about my deed, just wanna say I'm happy that Mama is in pink of health today. Alhamdulillah. :) morality: +27 hahahah~

Monday, June 4, 2012

They're married. Forever alone lvl: the only one left.

By 7 years since 2006, all my siblings got their life partner. I know which is good. Listing the events in timeline may be more memorable. 

05/2006: 1st brother's marriage 
(the one who always be 1st, gave us in-law family, and nephew for me)

 03/2010: 3rd brother's marriage (skipping the 2nd one)

02/2011: 2nd brother's marriage (likaboss

05/2012: my only-elder-sister's marriage (now I have one more brother yey)
 Did you just ask when is my turn?
 This is how I actually feel:
 Me (as Batman) : I'm gonna rip your throat, JOKER!
Those who asked (as Joker): Why so serious?

So, who said being the last child is fun?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

In process...

Our mural painting progress so far... I can say 85%. What we've done for these 3 weeks so far. Coming to school every evening, unless it's raining. One week remains before the final practicum ends. The Headmaster has started asking me if we could make it before upcoming week ends. Well, Insyaallah... if the weather is fine. Anyway, it's sort of different than my original design, due the difference of wall's scale. Just using creativity to overcome the small problem. ^_^

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jackpot day

Original report:

This morning I was conducting the kid scouts marching, with my scout uniform. After finished it, the GPK Koko came to my table, giving me a photocopy of newspaper report and said, "Najwa you are so lucky today." For three minutes I was puzzled watching myself on the newspaper while thinking how come the activity just now has already been reported in Utusan Malaysia. I just kept quiet and said nothing.

Luckily I don't have alzheimer, just recalled that I was doing the same thing previous week, wearing the same uniform and somebody was taking my photos. But I have no idea it'd be something to be published, just having thought I was just some documentation for school activity. About 1 hour, I got messages and PMs my friends asking about this. haha~

Friday, March 23, 2012

Designing the wall

I know it's a long period no update blogger is here. Truly busy with my practicum, every single day I learn how to improve my teaching skill, how to control kids, and how to make the lesson fun and meaningful. Anyway, not much to talk, updating today just to ensure at least I do something this month. Just want to share here my mural design at school. Based on my designs, the Headmaster chose the rainbow one.

Haven't started drawing it on the wall yet. We'll start it tonight. Well, I have to use projector to trace back the image or else all the scales would extremely change. Our attempt to draw it during cloudy evening failed since the image won't appear from the projector. The surrounding was not dark enough to show the image clearly.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Y u make no update??

That's a very common question when someone hasn't updated his/ her blog for almost a month. Same here. It's not that I have nothing to share, but I have not enough time to do. Updating blog usually takes 2 hours for me. Well, I'm quite complex and particular somehow. So the reason is, I'm busy. Normal thing for final year student having tons of tasks to do. Till then, bye.

Random pic, latest one taken - during CNY holiday - cousin's (middle) solemnizing ceremony. Please ignore my imbalanced hijab =)
Next turn: those dark blue hijab one =P

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strength of twinnies

It's already the second day of my 3rd phase practicum in SK (LKTP) Kota Gelanggi 2, Jerantut. To be honest, I didn't even have heart to go to school at the first day - yesterday was ---> (=.=). Perhaps this is my 3rd practicum, I didn't feel anymore excitement, and I wonder how my heart would feel then for posting xDDD - New school, new environment, new challenges are waiting.

However, my mood changed this morning. It's because I saw this cute twinnies: >__<
 Left: younger sis, right: elder sis

Does it sound weird I'm talking about twins as if it relates to school? Well, I was waiting for the students for pre cross-country today at one of the checkpoint which is located in front of a house belongs to one of the teacher from that school. The twins are her daughter (which I forgot their names). Consider as lucky waiting at that checkpoint and made time to play around with the friendly toddlers. Since this morning, I felt so cheerful and have my heart back to teach. Thank you twinnies for making my day and giving me back strength to look forward for the challenges being here. Now I could see how kiddies could influence adult's thoughts. 

This was one of the shot for pre cross-country. The event would be tomorrow. By chance, the boy with white shirt is my sports team member and he's so excited running at the 2nd place, telling me he'd be champion tomorrow. Well, whatever good for you, go ahead, boy. May your wish come true =)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

My glasses since 2005. (From blue to dark brown)
Collections from 1997 to 2004 had been disposed.
Now readers can guess at what age I started wearing glasses =)