Monday, December 30, 2013

The granted prayer

Remember this post? Alhamdulillah, Allah has answered my prayer. I'll be 25 next year, and He granted my prayer this year. :') 

My parents were planning to bring me here on December three years ago, but the visa was closed by that time. What I learned was, Allah didn't grant my prayer early, one of the reason must be to test my patience and faith. And He knows much better if I were mentally or physically ready to be His guest.

I went to the Holy Land with my parents and my eldest brother, for 10 days, from 16th to 26th December 2013.

First, we went to Medina for three days. For a person who was raised in tropical climate country, I am honestly freezing here. The temperature even reached to 8 degree Celsius! But I love that somehow ^_^
Al - Masjid an - Nabawi (also known as Mosque of the Prophet) 

Inside of the mosque. And there are lot of zamzam water barrels, and pardon me the black one is not any kind of model xD

Leaving Medina on 20th December, we headed to Mecca. 
Friday night - after my first tawaf. Completed my first Umrah as well after taking the photo.

  In front of Jabal Rahmah - where my brother keep trolling me about marriage. 
According to history, this hill was the point where Adam and Hawa (Eve) met after they had been banished from the heaven. So it is considered as the landmark of love, marriage and family.

 One evening, I was in the mosque waiting for Asar prayer. Suddenly my friend texted me requesting to see photo of Baitullah (Kaaba). [She went to holy land about seven years ago, so she missed the Baitullah so much], and I caught this. Bird eyes view of Baitullah - the pilgrims were preparing for Asar prayer. :)
 [View from upstairs of tawaf circle]

All my life when I travelled anywhere, I easily thinking about my homeland, the local food, next task, etc. However, this was the first time ever in my life I didn't feel like coming back, I love being here VERY MUCH. 

One of my friend told me, "Go to Baitullah as often as you are able to." I started feel that I have no more heart going to my dream vacation bla bla bla rich country bla bla or glamorous one. If I ever have chance again, Insyaallah I will put the Holy Land as my first choice :) 

My 3 out of 5 prayers has been granted.
1. Finished study well.
2. Get a job.
3. Pilgrimage before 25. 
4.  (not telling until achieved)
5.  (not telling until achieved)