Friday, August 28, 2009

Cokoretto, cokoretto, cokoretto wa daisuki!

Meaningful holiday~
I, who live in rural area (ha3 Lipis lah!) finally managed to help my sis-in-law, Kak Reeny to make the homemade chocolate! For 2 days making some types of chocolates (only tester for Eid promotion) spending time in KandaDinda Confectionary, felt like I never want to go back to Lipis even though felt tired.

Of course my beloved little nephew, Adam 'helped' us as well, we're all fasting, he tested the chocolates and enjoy 'em very much.

A. Chocs Blueberry filling + White Chocs Coffee filling
B. White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling (loooove this!)
C. White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling + White Chocs Strawberry filling
D. White Chocs Strawberry filling
E. Almond Crunchy!! (thumbs up!)

15pcs in a clear round plastic box. RM22.
hadiahkan kepada family anda di hari raya ini!
note: ini bukan kuih raya. tapi CHOCOLATES. : )

TYVM to my sis I've stolen this pic from her Facebook to promote. Pre-order now!
For more info, click KandaDinda Confectionary link at the right layout.

One of Adam's favourite (me as well :D)

Si comot

Went to TESCO with him & my sis previous evening. If I were a kidnapper, I wouldn't have kidnap this kid, but I'd rather ask him to carry my goods hehehe...

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