Friday, September 23, 2011

A single year passed.

It's been a year since the tragedy I accidentally cut my fingers. If you're wandering about it, read here. The longest period of MC break ever I got - 22 days! Ha3. Then, I had to attend the Bina Insan Guru (BIG) with wounded finger. (See background, I was in oil palm plantation).

FAQs about the incident (which sometimes I don't know how to answer):

Q: How did you feel when your finger was cut? Did the wound really hurt?
A: Only Allah knew how did I feel. When I was admitted at the hospital, the nurse asked me to give pain scale (1-10),  first day I said it was 5, and the second day I said was 6. I could've give it higher but I put my maximum strength to endure the pain. The pain increased after the operation performed. Well, it's just minor injury anyway. I know there are many people suffer much more than me. :)

Q: Did you cry when it happened?
A: I had no time to cry the moment my finger was cut, because I only think when I was going to complete my sculptures for final assessment. But I did when I was at home, trying to take out my shirt by right hand from a shelf (with other shirts), and suddenly all of 'em fell down and I couldn't hold 'em up by my left hand. It was the moment I burst into tears thinking how helpless I was, couldn't do what I normally did. Once is enough. ^_^ p/s: my tears is expensive ha3

Q: How long did it take to get fully healed?
A: Less than 4 months 'cuz I didn't skip physiotherapy. 

Q: Any changes in your life after the incident?
A: Yes, the way I equip my watch. I used to wear it at left wrist, but after the incident, I wear it at right wrist, until today. 

See the blue circle (left) and yellow circle (right)

Q: Any side effect?
A: Yup, my middle finger is crooked until today, even though I wore splint before. The splint is supposed to straighten the finger, but I didn't successfully straight. 90% I can say, but it's much better than before. Sometimes I do need to equip it 'cuz there's time my finger feel unpleasant. Plus, of course I have 3 scars.

Today, I already live as a healthy, happy and thankful person.

p/s: Yey, this is the 100th entry!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kambing betul.

After Asar prayer, Ayah asked me to follow him to Parit Raja, to see the sheep for Fareez Naufal, my cousin's newborn son for his aqiqah tomorrow. We went to abattoir, I could see sheep, cows and goats. I was kinda eccentric and playing around alone and snapping photos. Obviously all the livestock were afraid looking at me. 

This was the sheep for Fareez before slaughtering. Pretty brutal sheep.

Cow's pen. Wow. Look at his horns! Can I borrow it for my art piece?

The cows eat pineapple skin! :o

T-rex head. Hahahahah!!! That's the sheep's!

Butcher was chopping the whole sheep's body.

The lungs, heart and liver. I felt like playing it for some organ experiment. Ha3

 Just imagine how's the surrounding's odor...
I felt like fainting! And my head was dizzy!

Behind the scene: The butcher talked to Ayah, "Anak Cikgu yang sorang tu pelik betul ya, semua dia amik gambar, sampai ke kandang lembu belakang. Amik kos pertanian ke budak tu?". Ok, ok. I'm weirdo. =.="

Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia

Dear all Malaysians, Selamat menyambut Hari Malaysia.

 Behind the scene:
It was on previous 1st Syawal, Ayah was carrying Aiden and asked me to snap their photo. Suddenly Aiden pointed to the sky and said "bird". But in the poster Aiden already looks like Dato' Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak saying "1 Malaysia" :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The story of coriander and celery

I went to Abang Long's house this weekend. On Saturday, my sister in law, Kak Reeny was making soto. She asked me to buy celery. When I was at the grocery store, I see the celery has 2 colours - yellowish and fresh green. So I separated the yellowish one at different partition in the chiller. As I placed the yellow one on the top, I see another type of celery. I was wondering why would they put the same leaf at different place. I ignored it, and purchased what already in my hand.

At home:

Kak Reeny : Wawa!!! Apa awak beli ni! Ini bukan daun sup la!!! Daun ketumbar!!! 
I : Eh? Betul la... daun sup kan macam tu. 
Kak Reeny : Cuba awak cium ni. Mana sama dengan daun sup. Lawak betul!
I : Err... (agaknya yang sebelah daun kuning aku letak tadi tu daun sup yang betul). 

By the chance, Kakak was on the way to Kak Reeny's house. I messaged her to buy the celery. When she arrived:

Kak Reeny : Girl! Ni pun daun ketumbar! Bukannya daun sup!!!
Kakak : Tak sama ke? Kat kedai tadi tengok ada yang satu kat bahagian atas macam dah layu warna kekuningan, Girl amik la yang hijau kat bahagian bawah. Ingatkan daun sup.  
I : Kedai mana ko pergi Kak? 
Kakak : Pasar Mini ****. 
I : Hahahahah~ yang asingkan tu aku la. Tadi aku pun beli kat sana lepas tu salah.

*Kak Reeny went to the refrigerator and take out something*

Kak Reeny : Tengok ni lagi satu daun ketumbar. Abang awak pun hari tu Akak suruh beli daun sup dia beli daun ketumbar. Sama je korang 3 beradik. Ha3. Wawa beli paling banyak! Buat lawak je la korang ni.
I : Haa~ maknanya memang la susah nak bezakan~ ha3 
Kakak : Jangan salahkan daun, salahkan genetik.

I guess it was a funny weekend. By the way sharing my experience, I'd like tell you where can you find the difference between coriander and celery (instead of the smell). Watch the root.

This is coriander's root. And I don't have celery's root photo. Ha3
Actually, celery has more hairs at the root.

I followed Kakak to Kajang, and while passing the Sate Kajang Haji Samuri's restaurant, I asked Kakak if rabbit sate was available. I badly wondered how did rabbit's taste was like. She said it's kinda pity to eat something cute. But for me, there is no sorry for food. Ha3. And finally we went there for dinner. I only ordered 2 sticks of rabbit sate.

This is sate rabbit. For me, the taste is same as chicken. But it's sweeter. 
And no more! Enough. Cuz I expected more. Ha3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 Eid al Fitr

Happy Eid to all Muslims around the world.
As usual, apology from me.

A phrase from holy Al Quran stated:
"Dan hendaklah mereka memaafkan dan melupakan kesalahan orang-orang itu,
tidakkah kamu suka Allah mengampukan dosa kamu?"
(Surah An Nur : Ayat 22)

This year, Kakak bought 2 domestic breed cats.
My, I used to be afraid of cat, but no more!
Yey it's Robin and Terry! C:

Incomplete family.
This year Abang Cik and Abang Long were missing.
But Edy joined us. Welcome bro :)
And why the heck I was holding Robin?
He's our new family ha3.

Eat eat eat till you becoming chubby. 
Nay, just sitting outside the house to chat.
1st house we visited: Atok Busu (Mama's aunt)
Her granddaughter also brought her cat to hometown - Persian breed.
Kakak, me and Edy were like kids watching the passive cat. ha3
Went to Ayah's hometown in Muar, Abang Long arrived.
Typical Adam - loves camera a lot.
Typical Aiden - prefers mind his own business.
Visiting secondary mates around Yong Peng. It's been 4 years! :)

Festival fireworks celebration! Bring it on!
Where did we get this prohibited stuff?
It's from Mama's cousin, Dato' A***

It suppose to be 130++ shoot, but according to Ayah's count, it's 102. 
Some of 'em came out at the same time.

Last day: Abang Long's family photoshoot. LOL
They didn't make it in morning Eid. 
Typical Aiden again - he kept moving like caterpillar.
He once called me "Ayah" started upgrading it to "ami" (mommy).

p/s: credit to Ain, Edy and Kakak for the photos.