Sunday, December 26, 2010


It's been long time I didn't update my blog 'cuz I was so busy with my loving nephews. ;)

I'm about to talk about my physiotherapy that started at 8th Dec (suppose to be 10th Nov, ha3!!)
Went to Lipis Hospital though it's holiday, to see the orthopedic specialist after 2 months passed and truly glad to see him and I talked about all my fingers problem regarding to bend and grip 'em.  He told me my middle finger is crooked 'cuz my tendon is quite loose due the deep cut. Surprisingly, he tried to bend my index finger (which is most painful to bend!). It's hurt! (=.=)"

So I started my physiotherapy at the hospital and the physiotherapist just looks like a 19-year-old dude xD

 Do you people know what is this? It contains wax. 

7 times dipping my hand into the wax. Err... it's hot!

Ewww... it's like chewing gum... this is called as 'theraputty'.
I managed to transfer my  physiotherapy session to Batu Pahat Hospital during this holiday, next week will be the last in BP Hospital, and I got 1 present (as ordered by the orthopedic in the transfer note) from Recovery Unit.

To make my middle finger straight back! :) 

Monday, December 6, 2010

25 turns to how much i want :P

once you have been tagged,
you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,
things, facts or goal about you.
at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
you have to tagged the person who tagged you.
if i tag you, its because i want to know more about you.

1. Only Allah knows what I'm going to write the rest.

2. Don't you ever dare to ask me to eat bean sprouts!

3. I wish I was studying archeology.

4. PSP beats my interest towards reading and drawing.

5. I don't think declaring myself as gay is wrong.

6. I'm not too fond listening to music.

7. I enjoy studying about religion.
8. I don't approve anonymous in my life.

9. I want to visit Venice,  someday. :)

10. I've just watch Narnia: Voyage of The Dawn Trader 3D

11. It's normal when you wish to go back to previous time or year, so do I.

12. Indeed I look extremely like a geek, physically.

13. I wish I have chance to learn karate-do.

14. The reason I use English mostly in internet is, I'm used to it since I've known internet (1998) this is the only language I could see. And the way I could improve it.

15. I love doing charity work though I don't look so.

16. To people whom insulted my fingers injury could cause the decrease of my future dowry, BEWARE! I do nothing, but who knows God will?

17. I love almond oil scent.

18. I love tulip and wild lily.

19. I don't hate zodiac, but I do hate horoscope.

20. Mulan is my favourite Disney princess.

21. Favourite number is 11, means I got double 1, double victory. Just coincidence I born in November.

22. Yes I do love numbers and measurement.

23.Even though I was raised in village, I'm scared of amphibian and reptile. Gecko? oh no! It's just beautiful.

24. I don't mind living as Miss Independent for the rest of my life. 

25. I want to say thanks to Fiq for tagging me.

I tag:
anis shazreen (but i wonder how to tell via her blog, hope she'll read this)
kak nana

not enough? cuz i still wonder who'd truly read this.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday so far

Adam lived in my house for 5 days.
When he returned Puchong, I could see they both missed each other.

Aiden you've grown up and I'm lookin' forward to see you walking.
Kak Long Fareen's special day, she's always beautiful.

IKEA. Thanks for good pose, Adam.
For a week I spend most of my days with this couple. 
I like this man, he's generous. He3

It's okay if you don't go shopping with your hubby, yet you still have 2 wonderful sons. ;)
Aiden: Dude.... can you see how tired I am???!
They're now good friends.
It's one of your hobby, I knew it Adam.

Helping my sis to clear her rent house, see how shining the fan is, 
cuz I was one whom polished it. :D

I met this cute twin for 1st time, while it may be last for my sis, from her neighborhood.

No, I don't intend to purchase any car now, just accompanying Abang Pete and my sis. 
Err... but I've fallen with that black one... he3.

Visiting toy shop, Arale reminds me to myself, while Gatchan to Aiden.

My babyface dude loves food a lot, and he's getting fun to play with.

Visiting MAHA 2010, 1st day. Wonder how to explain about the crowd. 

It's truly not Adam if he didn't request it. REJECTED. Ha3!

 Keep smiling though you're tired.

I wished to purchase 'em all! Ha3

Final day in Puchong: I want to eat this baby badly.

So what's up next week? Tuesday - I'll be at Puchong again; Wednesday - I'm VISITING (ha3) Lipis for my medical treatment. Hope will be able to drop by at Bukit Tinggi.