Sunday, August 28, 2011

2nd phase ended.

Friday, August 26th: The last day for 2nd phase practicum in SK Kechor Tui (SKKT), Padang Tengku. Well, lot of things I learned from this school. As it worth for couple months, this practicum made me grew up more - how to mix better with community, how to handle and attract kids in lesson, etc. I'll continue being a student back at campus until this November. I already miss all these things in SKKT:

The kids playing outside the class during recess. 
Singing "Satu dua tiga.." (etc) moving like a train. So cute~ c:

The moment I was 'bullied' by the male teachers, 
they ordered me to prepare pais ikan patin tempoyak
They did that since I was known as a Johorean who doesn't eat tempoyak
But it's a fun experience honestly.

Weekly routine - painting a mural.

 Actually we're not satisfied enough. Need a week more for better colour.
(p/s: the illustration is not made by us, we just recoloured the whole fading wall.)

The last lesson, with Standard 4 - outdoor painting & origami activity.
And the last observation as well.
You made me proud, kids ^___^
Standard 2 - truly kiddies. Even when I taught English, they wanted me to teach Art.

Gonna miss being a mentor (after school period daily) for this shorty, Rafiq.
A Standard 6 kid whom is as tall as Standard 2 =P

Thanks kids. For the Hari Raya cards, rose, chocolate and presents. 
One of 'em gave me duit raya as well.
A pink shawl from Rafiq, but he totally refused to admit it's from him. 
He ordered his Standard 3 sister to give it to me.
Ha3 you've grown up, boy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We're alike

Again I went back to Puchong purposely to see the kids. Actually I planned to take the chocolates from Kak Reeny, but since Aiden was having high fever whole week, she couldn't start making 'em. So, I'll disturb all of 'em again next weekend ho3. (Photo: Adam has no eye problem, he just trying my glasses and complained it made him dizzy).

After breaking fast, we went to Avenue Puchong (home furnishings showroom).

Curious toddler. Aiden was still active though he's unwell.

It's quite cuddle watching him acting like he's in real bedroom.

I can't stop Adam. He's a good actor in front of the lens. 
I wonder what point he's posing like the mummy.

OMG. He's everywhere!

And when it came the turn I asked him to take my photo, this is the result.
I : Kenapa gambar tak nampak?
Adam: Adam rasa nak kencing, tak bole amik gambarlah!
Funny excuse, nephew.

Finally. Yes, with him of course.

Lots of  Disney bed and study table sets in Avenue. Absolutely Adam was requesting Mickey's set. If I were 4 years old like him, I'd do the same thing. Because it reminds me back then I was 9 or 10, I saw Mickey designed bed, I asked Ayah to own it, and he refused. Cuz no more space in my bedroom to place it. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesdy

Miss the kids. I hope there's no distraction to see 'em this weekend.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sometimes I guess I'm not normal

What makes me feel that way? It's somehow NOT sometimes, but I consider is most of the times, about 65-80% all my life. I don't act like normal. What I've been doing actually? 

1. I tend to do reverse reading.
I tend to read something from back to front. (e.g. magazine, newspaper, book). I tend to read from bottom to top. (e.g. advertisement, blog, online newspaper, article, wikipedia).

2. What comes in my mind is not what comes out from my mouth.
Up until today, I could always call "purple" as "ORANGE". So I always make sure to think first before I say. This is not because I slipped my tongue, it happened since I was a kid. The moment I pointed a purple slipper, I was asking Ayah "Nak selipar oren tu boleh tak?" and Ayah was so clueless since he saw no sign of orange slipper existed. Some friends once called me dyslexia, and even autism! (=.=)" To be honest, sometimes I do such see signs, though. But please, I keep praying to lead my life as a normal one. (Leonardo da Vinci had dyslexia too, but he's super intelligent!)

3. I love what I hate in other way (but I consider this as normal)
I hate hazelnut - the chunk one. But I love hazelnut spread and hazelnut coffee. 
I hate almond - the chunk and nibs one. But I love almond oil scent.
I hate pineapple - at any form. But I swallowed the chopped one in cocktail, willingly.
I love green bean, but I truly hate when it grows up - as BEANSPROUT! 
I love rose scent, but my skin is actually allergy with rose essence. 
(more to list, actually)

However, what I'm very thankful towards whom am I born and live as. Allah doesn't give everything I want, but He gives everything I need. People around me see myself as a successful and the one with bright future (I'm not boasting) because I'm going to be an educator. It is indeed different from what I used to wish what I wanted to be, yet I haven't seen where's the blessing in disguise, so I will keep waiting patiently. I know I'm a weirdo, but this is who I am, this is my life. C:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nothing is wrong when it is truly right

It's been 3 weeks straight I went back to see my family. 2 weekends in Puchong, this weekend in Yong Peng. I don't feel enjoy living in the hostel during weekend, most friends are always going back home as well. It's been 2 weeks I haven't seen my parents. At the first place, to be honest, knowing that Kakak asked me to join her going back to Yong Peng, I felt like so freaking soulless since I knew I'd need to take the train (which I truly dislike) to return back to Lipis.  Mama and Ayah always discouraged me if I wanted to visit Yong Peng during weekend. They'd rather see me at Puchong (usually for family gathering). But for this time, they seemed fine with my decision.

Stopping for a while in Puchong:
Abang has just bought another iPad. Adam asked me to play with the camera with him and Aiden. He's truly drama king in the photo. And I keep trying to get Aiden's smile :D

All kinds of the distortion are always being Adam's favourite thing to do with Apple products. We laughed like we're the only persons existed. And I guess Abang quite annoyed with us. Yey! Indeed I love playing with my nephews. They're funny.

Just for a while playing in Abang's house, Kakak came to fetch me - we're going back to Yong Peng. Arrived at about 1.00++ am, the first thing I asked mama as I entered my house was, "Mama, Crocs mana?"
I purchased the Crocs (mine, Mama, Kakak and Ina) since previous April, however ordering from USA doesn't provide the delivery outside USA and Canada. And certain models are not available in Malaysia. So I placed the order to be sent at Yah's house at Nashville and as she returned to Malaysia, all her stuffs including mine were delivered by cargo. Thus, Mama teased, "Sanggup balik rumah sekejap ni sebab nak amik Crocs kan...". I just laughed. Actually the Crocs was the second reason. The main reason was I just felt like I wanted to see my parents. 

What so good visiting my parents? I bet I would be regret if I didn't go back. Mama was actually having fever (which is so rarely happen to her) while Ayah is just suffering at his swollen left leg. I've forgotten what is the disease name, something infected from the skin, not nerve or muscle. Though I'm not one whom can cure their illness, at least when Kakak and I at home, we helped 'em doing housing chores for 2 days. I pray, hoping  that Mama and Ayah will get well soon and will always be protected and blessed by Allah. ^_^