Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Myself on reflecting my assessment

It had been ages, no, five months.
Lots people keep asking me to update my blog, sorry to disappoint all of you.
Due addicting to facebook, gaiaonline, PSP, etc.

What I'm about to highlight is about my assessment, for my Visual Art Education (PSV) courses.
- painting (if only I were talented like Johan Marjonid...)
- wood carving (I'm not a carpenter's daughter, roftl)
- designing pattern by graphic software (luckily I were born in graphic designer family...)

Taking uncountable hours to complete the tasks, all of us (the PSV unit) became zombies for 2 weeks before the assessments, turning the class to art village (perkampungan seni), made use of the class as our home sweet home (to eat, pray, sleep as well). I'm spending every weekend (for three weeks constantly) to settle my graphic printing to Abang Long's home.

Plus, lots other assignments to be submitted at the same moment, so it's like killing two (no, it should be more!) birds with one stone... much tiring, but I'm sticking with the phrase, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN"

I never denied it's bit disappointing when my lecturer complained and expressed their unsatisfactory towards my artworks... but to reflect back, it's all for our benefit. We cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. Everybody have sacrificed enough to invent the best product for exhibition + assessment.

As usual, every time when the assessment came (as well as the previous previous previous semesters), lack of sleep disease occurred. So, every semester I wish I could manage my time properly, but... ha3. To be honest, I did enjoy this pain because I wasn't alone, of course my classmates were in the same boat! This is the sweetness being art student. I believe leading a challenging life makes a man (but I'm a girl). ^___^

Sorry for the long lecture, these all my products I made;

Category : Painting
Title : Penerokaan (Discovery)
Subject matter : Nudibranch/ sea slug (chromodoris glaniei)
Media : Acrylic
Style : Realisme (subject matter), post-impressionisme (background)

Category : Wood carving
Material : Wood, shellac
Subject matter : Wild lily

Category : Graphic
Products : 2010 calendar, 2011 mug
Subject matter : 4 types of nudibranches

Thank you to all my lecturers whom had all helped me a lot for completing these tasks. My family whom always supporting me to ensure I could do everything well, and my friends whom had been in hard time together. And foremost, Allah who had given me chance to do this challenging tasks. (short acknowledgment =P)