Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My jenglots.

If you're wondering what is the definition of jenglot, please refer here.

But jenglots belong to me aren't such thing. They're all plushies that hibernate on my bed at hometown. It may be weird I call such cute things as jenglots, just random name - some people asked me why put such scary name for cute stuff, and I said it's just for fun. It's been a month since last time I went back to hometown and the jenglots already covered with dust. When I entered my room, I sneezed. Mama always vacuums my room, but no one cares about my jenglots.  Plus, their size are too big and that disturb me while sleeping - I don't like hugging bolster nor plushie when I sleep. They're not belong to me alone, including Kakak's jenglots. I don't want to put the jenglots on my bed anymore. They're too cute to resist. Ha3

Pink Badot in the washing machine. The small bear is just another decoration in my room.

Not in picture - still washing (Jack the skeleton head & Totoro)

Actually I placed all other plushies in Ayah's wardrobe. Don't be surprised, that's what I did when I was 9, I found there's a space (at the bottom partition) in his wardrobe and that's the ideal place to keep 'em. Ha3. 

 Jenglots in Ayah's wardrobe.
When I opened it, they're much more dust than ones on the bed! ;P

It's not surprise if the readers surprised reading this entry - yes I DO LOVE PLUSHIES.
I may look rigid, bold and blunt, but actually I love cute stuffs, sometimes.=)


Aqilah Lia said...

Cutenyer Cikgu.....

wawamagic said...

ha3 thanks qilah :)

~cik atin~ said...

waaa...banyaknye akak punyer...jeles2!!

wawamagic said...

itu koleksi dr kecik sbrnya... lps umur akak 12 thun, mak akak x balikan lg dah :)
yg ada pun kwn2 bg.