Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday walk

Saturday. Taking 6.30 am bus from Lipis. It's first time for me, and some friends. (Usually I take 8 am bus) I went to KL with 7 friends, but finally walk with 2 friends, Anne & Sara.

Skip the early journey, Lowyat Plaza as the 1st destination (which I badly badly badly want USB Flash Band for loooooong time!) but I DIDN'T EVEN FIND IT! :(
However, it's not a pointless walk because I helped my friends to find their stuffs. :D

 USB flash band, which i couldn't find it in any Malaysia store. :(

As usual, lunch at Times Square, went to Secret Recipe by hoping I could eat Vietnamese beef noodle soup, but T__T NOT AVAILABLE! Chicken mushroom would be okay for me, then. :|

I was thinking about purchasing shawl, that recently I feel like wanting one, and since the salesgirl looks so freakin' reserved and sooo unfriendly, I decided to go Jalan TAR  (which is not in plan list) with Anne and Sara. 

1. Walking with sour soup juice, I bought 2 shawls for the first time, thanks friend for your help.
2. For the first time as well, I eat fish satay (many friends said it's their childhood snack, which I've never known for it's existence) and it taste like keropok lekor

Leaving KL at 8 pm, just normal time. Good thing is, since we took early bus, I felt very satisfied yesterday for managing time in each place quite properly. Thanks friends :D


Dr.Senbe said...

why would you even want a USB wristband?
fish satay? same here..never heard of it. damn aku gle teringin jln2 kt psr mkn2 x pyh risau ade daging ke x dlm tu

wawamagic said...

usb is very portable, i wont get worry where i put it cuz if i own one, it'll always 'embrace' my wrist during class period.

kan? fish satay x prnh dgr, my friends from kedah & tganu msing2 kata tu makanan diorg ms kcik2.
maybe mmg x available kt johor. xD

ko rindu pasar yongpeng ke? ha3

MerLe said...

sate ikan? wah~ kcik2 dlu suke sgt mkn.slalu bli lepas skolah..
cam cOmey je usb tu..nk jugak~

wawamagic said...

waaaa kt tmpt k.subi pun ada sate tu... tmpt sy je xde :( ha3

usb tu mmg comel kan~ :D