Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hoho holiday~

Holiday indeed is fun. I've planned to apply part-time job at big apple in BP mall. However, due the condition of my fingers (which still in progress to clasp fully) I don't think they’re any employer would want to hire a temporary disable worker like me. Lol. For friends who requested my hand's photo, here the latest photos.

Actually this one was taken in 16th Oct, a month ago. All sutures removed. Real FRANKENSTEIN!
The condition today. The scars already dried, and I'm satisfied with how the HA and the orthopedic surgeon stitched my fingers. I still wondering about my middle finger, yes you people can see how it is... but it's a total fine for me. 
What Allah has given to me is the best. :)

I'm kinda lazy to think about having physiotherapy, so one of my cousin whom is a nurse, Kak Long a.k.a. Fareen suggested me to use pillow that filled with foam (IDK what is this thingy called) as one of the therapy stuff.

TADAAA~ this is what I wanted to highlight actually. Given by my sis's best boy, Abang Pete~ very cute plushie~
Time for therapy~ nyahahahaahah~

Another therapy is playing PSP. hahahahahah~

Next post I'll talk more about this cute holiday~ :D


ahsfantasy24 said...

smoga cpt shat spnuhnya..
hehhee... ^^,

wawamagic said...

tq ayu :D

Anonymous said...

psp guna ke middle finger? huhu.. cari la terapi yg guna byk middle finger tu.. sbb cam bhgn tu agak lein dr yg lein..

kalau ak kene cam kau, mmg xleh tulis pape, sbb ak leftie, wlaupn bleh guna tgn kanan, tp slow n otak kanan ak kurg kene rangsang pula. mujurlah kau pkai tgn kanan utk menulis + melukis..

get well soon, take care..

wawamagic said...

psp utk terapi thumb, sbb kalau menaip thumb x pakai.
kalo ko kn cam aku, rsnya ko akan kena sblh kanan sbb ko akan pegang pisau sblh kiri. :D

and thank you :)

Azza Zahra. said...

Hope you'll get
well soon, okay (:

wawamagic said...

tq azza :)