Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 5 – What makes you different from everyone else?

Everybody is different. But what makes the really really really different among people around me is the way I talk. They said I talk properly (a.k.a. skema), but very fast (and Ayah hates this very much).

> People said I have a super geek-look though I'm exactly not the one.

> I may talk eloquently, but I  participate neither  debate nor speech, because I'm truly lack of confident and I don't think I'm suit for them. However, people around me said my face looks charismatic and confidence. (Let me laugh, please).

> I'm quite systematic sometimes, since I measure by the detail numbers (like 1.28 mm) and that's why people call me nerd and geek and I must change my toothbrush each 3 months and change my glasses every year. ha3

> I'm don't keep up with the latest music plays on the radio, like other teenagers do. I just listen to any song that I feel comfy to my heart and ears.

> I'm not easily burst into tears like other girls do.

> I have very high curiosity to something I'm interested (such as art and history) and sometimes I just can't stop asking! (Thus, people think I'm challenging them. NO! I just want the answer!), but I'm not a busybody person. Actually I don't give a damn about negative thing of what or who has nothing to do with me, though hoax about 'em spreads like fire. I'd rather stay away from listening to bad thing I've never ever known!.

> Physically I look so harsh and cold-heart but actually I'm easily get sympathetic to unlucky one.

> I don't revenge to people I hate though I have chance to do (this is one of my life principal), but it doesn't mean I'm coward. I just wish they realize what they have done is wrong, and won't do the same thing to others. Avenge is not the way to teach them back, because everyone has heart to change. 

> I don't put make up (even though Mama a cosmetic stuffs dealer!) on my face because I want people around me to see the real myself. But I don't offend those whom put thick cosmetic stuffs on their face. For me that's your art :)

> For someone that always been titled as "no hope", I won't think that way, even in critical state. For me, people change and Allah is one whom decide their fate, not us. So as long as you don't die, you still have chance in your life, though it may be different.

> I'm a girl with scars on my left middle finger, index finger and thumb. That's the reason I call myself as Frankenstein.

In other words, I can classify as people hardly judge who I am. Lots people said it's not easy to guess what I will do and what comes to my mind, most people can't read me (face and palm). So, for all 'fortune-teller' that appeared in my life, you made me burst into laugh and shame on you!


sue. said...

ok darling...nak hadiah best tak..?jgn lupa join contest sue ya...


wawamagic said...

tq for invitation :D

Dr.Senbe said...

I'm a psychic, and i'm predicting that you'll get married at 24, and have 4 kids, all boys.
Happy Life!

wawamagic said...

lame fortune teller