Monday, October 10, 2011

Wonderful life circle

About 13 years ago, my weekend activity was staying in front of TV, watching cartoons. I woke up early at 8 (I used to sleep after Subuh prayer), waiting for Mama to return from wet market, and asked what she bought for me. When she arrived home, she usually said;

Mama : Adik, pergi mandi.
I : Nanti la Mama. Tunggu kartun ni habis dulu.
Mama : Kartun tu memang takkan habis kalau awak tunggu...

Eventually, I took bath at 12 noon. After all cartoons finished.

Previous week, I was at Abang Long's house in the morning, and Kak Reeny asked me to take Adam,  my 4-year-old nephew to take bath.

Pic: when Adam was 1 year old.

I : Adam, mandi sekarang.
Adam : Nanti kejap la Cuwawa...
I : Nanti bila lagi Adam?
Adam : Tunggu la Mickey ni habis dulu...
I : Mickey tu memang tak pernah habis kalau Adam tunggu...

After a second I said this to Adam, suddenly I chuckled myself. It's truly same as what Mama used to say to me. Seems that all kids are the same, or it's because of genetic. It's me resembles to Mama or it's Adam who resembles to me? If Adam behaves like that, probably Abang Long was same as me back then. One day, when I have my own children, I wonder if they'd behave like us. But that's not a big matter, each moment in your life is wonderful when you know it's meant to be appreciated.  (another new wisdom word from me ha3)


Dr.Senbe said...

adam panggil ko cuwawa??
macam chihuahua je bunyik kahkah

wawamagic said...

better than u bs