Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Malang tak berbau

It's less than a week after Eid's holiday, an accident happened to me. 

23rd September 2010

11.30 am: 
I was cutting fliers for VIP for Malam Penghayatan Kemerdekaan in Unit Grafik, IPGKTAA.
I was kinda tired, taking a break for some seconds with non-stabilized emotion and when I started back to continue cutting it, I lost my target to the fliers and the NT cutter cut my 4 left fingers, badly serious. 
My blood stains flooded all over the room, (on table, white board, floor)
With Sarah beside me whom watched this incident, I'm very sorry for troubling her very much... 
Sarah, I'm really sorry.... I wish this incident wouldn't be a nightmare for her, enough just for me alone. 
That moment, I felt so cold, watching my blood drenched on the floor.... and I felt like fainting... but still conscious. 

2.15 pm: 
I was admitted in the general ward of Hospital Kuala Lipis after 2 of my fingers were stitched in emergency unit. Wanna see? 

3 + 6 stitches. Cool, eh? It reminds me to Frankenstein.
The covered one was my middle finger which seriously injured.

The attendant said the tendon of my middle finger was cut as well, after making x-ray luckily nothing happened with my finger bones... I mean phalanges...  So operation was required to fix it.

24th September 2010

5.45 pm: 
I was brought to the surgery hall. The last thing I could remember was my right hand felt so heavy while my left middle finger was about to unwrap from bandage. It's hurt, I can't deny.

7.30 pm: 
I opened my eyes and I felt something stuck on my throat, it's like a tube with liquid, still in the surgery hall and thanks to Allah, everything had passed by. The first question I asked the doctor beside me when I opened my eyes, "Pukul berapa sekarang? Boleh saya tengok jari saya?" (What time is now? May I see my finger?)

26th September 2010
6.00pm: Discharged from hospital. 

Home already. I need to put on this blue stuff for 3 weeks.

3 temporary disable fingers.

When I was admitted in the hospital, I keep playing facebook by my mobile phone and yet people think I was still okay. Well, only Allah knows I was facebooking with tears, it's such a pain living in hospital. But I learned that 'Life is not for sadness' from a book, "La tahzan" (Don't be sad).

Thank you to my family whom had taken good care of me, my friends whom keep supporting and visiting me, my lecturers, and others who keep concerning about me. I'm really sorry I couldn't finished all the foods and drinks you people gave me because I had no appetite that moment. :D


Nur Syazana Ramli said...

wawa...sorry 2 hear bout u.. het well soon dear n now wut, i never thought cutting paper using nt cutter can b dat serious.. must be careful wherever we r huh? can't wait to see u soon at maktb. :-)
b strong..

wawamagic said...

tq k. nana. home, mc till 14/10.

Anonymous said...

brace yourself, wawa!

wawamagic said...

tq zaid. :D

mshe said...

I'm everywhere. I feel like I'm stalking you. O__O
But i'm glad it's all over so now you look forward to full recovery kay? ^_^ - koko

wawamagic said...

nonoi! i'm glad if u're stalking me. dat shows me ur concern ^___^

ahsfantasy24 said...


smoga ct2 smbu mcm slalu!!

wawamagic said...

tq ayu :)