Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

Err... darn... I wonder how to answer this... =.="

What comes to my mind is, I don't want be alone with that man, at least I bring a friend or my sister. Well, people may think this is not a romantic thing to do, but what I want to say is, I am indeed not a romantic person, so why bother? Plus, that person will be our photographer! I'm so smart! ha3. 

Anyway, the main reasons are -  for my safety and this is one of the rule as a Muslim lady (no offense, please). If the man whom asks me for the date refuses to let me bring someone else, I will reject his proposal as well.

No touching, no holding hands, no that, no that, no that, no that... but yes for walking, talking, treating my meal  ha3.

Ideal place for my date is a location with lots of plants such as Cameron Highland or Bukit Tinggi. :D

My previous date at Bukit Tinggi. 
Well, he's my biological father, it wouldn't be any problem :P

I don't really mind whether he (the future one) going to get me some present or whatever, just like what a normal girl wishes, I'm just hoping we could have a good and fine conversation in knowing each other more. I guess that's all. :D


Khairina said...

go wawa! go RUSH! :D

wawamagic said...

wat the~ =.="

Dr.Senbe said...

haha tunggu smpai day 8 (?-x sure), pasal dream wedding..lg laaaaaaa hahahahah

wawamagic said...

omg itu aku lg xtau nk jwb. ha3