Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 4 - Favorite Photograph of a Best Friend

This is the pic of my best dude when our last dating at Summit Parade in 2007. 
We befriend since kindergarten, cool eh? :D
Click here to stalk her. :x

One of my loyal companion, and whom care a lot about me.

Very fresh view and I miss this moment a lot.

Someone to be called as my twin :)

One thing I really love about photo is it never changes, though people do :D

I can't choose, rite?


Dr.Senbe said...

gmbr aku kat surau summit eh?
apsal gmbr nabila mcm dkt rumah aku?
ko mmg suke msukkn kwn2 ko dlm jail ke wa

wawamagic said...

ya dlm surau.
gmbr nabila mmg kt rumah ko, ms jamuan b4 ko fly.
erk... btul ckp ko... =.="