Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you

I thought I'd never celebrated my 21st birthday. But, thanks to Allah's destiny, granting me very lovely family for making me happy. Yes, it's already 6th November, but I still can celebrate it, right? I knew I have to avoid taking egg yolk due anxiety towards my wounded fingers (though it's the wound already healed), so I was thinking where could I find eggless cake (instead of home-made one)?

No, cake is not the answer, it's BROWNIE. Secret Recipe walnut brownie. <3 I'm addicted to it~
Abang Long, Kak Reeny and Kakak planned this for me.

 21-year-old as Cu Wawa to show I am an aunt of 2 wonderful boys at 2010 :)

2 sugar dolls represents my babyhood and my adulthood. 
(But Adam said the baby is Aiden and the lady is my sis. ?????)

One of the moment that made me touched was when my little Adam sang the birthday song for me. 
And, I love my ORLY? hat. Ha3

Thank you, I've missed celebrating my birthday with my family for 3 years... and this 4th year  since I've been leaving my house, this is the best gift from Allah ever.

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