Monday, December 6, 2010

25 turns to how much i want :P

once you have been tagged,
you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,
things, facts or goal about you.
at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
you have to tagged the person who tagged you.
if i tag you, its because i want to know more about you.

1. Only Allah knows what I'm going to write the rest.

2. Don't you ever dare to ask me to eat bean sprouts!

3. I wish I was studying archeology.

4. PSP beats my interest towards reading and drawing.

5. I don't think declaring myself as gay is wrong.

6. I'm not too fond listening to music.

7. I enjoy studying about religion.
8. I don't approve anonymous in my life.

9. I want to visit Venice,  someday. :)

10. I've just watch Narnia: Voyage of The Dawn Trader 3D

11. It's normal when you wish to go back to previous time or year, so do I.

12. Indeed I look extremely like a geek, physically.

13. I wish I have chance to learn karate-do.

14. The reason I use English mostly in internet is, I'm used to it since I've known internet (1998) this is the only language I could see. And the way I could improve it.

15. I love doing charity work though I don't look so.

16. To people whom insulted my fingers injury could cause the decrease of my future dowry, BEWARE! I do nothing, but who knows God will?

17. I love almond oil scent.

18. I love tulip and wild lily.

19. I don't hate zodiac, but I do hate horoscope.

20. Mulan is my favourite Disney princess.

21. Favourite number is 11, means I got double 1, double victory. Just coincidence I born in November.

22. Yes I do love numbers and measurement.

23.Even though I was raised in village, I'm scared of amphibian and reptile. Gecko? oh no! It's just beautiful.

24. I don't mind living as Miss Independent for the rest of my life. 

25. I want to say thanks to Fiq for tagging me.

I tag:
anis shazreen (but i wonder how to tell via her blog, hope she'll read this)
kak nana

not enough? cuz i still wonder who'd truly read this.


Nur Syazana Ramli said... im d one who is kakak here.. hehehehhe... thnks wawa...

wawamagic said...

ha3. :D

Anonymous said...

baru perasan ad org tag..

Dr.Senbe said...

all of 'em are a lie!!!
i hate you liar.


p/s: i'm gonna do it after this. see ya honeybunnypumpkinpieapple

wawamagic said...

@ zaid: xpe, at least ko perasan

@ yah: msti ko bengang psl aku x tulis MY CRUSH CURRENTLY STUDYING IN VANDY, kan~ :P send my regards kt timun.

kasutburuk said...

thnks wawa 4 tag me....

wawamagic said...

@ amy: it's my pleasure :D