Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just married

Previous 25th Feb - Abang Ngah's wedding.

 Congrats. I got new sis. I have 1 biological sis, 3 sis-in-law. Total 4 sisters.
Lookin' forward for bro-in-law. lalalala~

Some adults put the fireworks during the feast. See how Adam enjoyed 'em and refused to eat. 

Why I was wearing jeans for solemnizing of marriage (akad nikah) that night? Here's how it happened.

My journey: Kuala Lipis - Pekeliling - Times Square - Lowyat Plaza - KDWC Office Pudu - Puchong - Kepong.

Abang fetched me, and I was suppose to be sent to Hotel Kepong where Mama and Ayah waiting for.
We couldn't make the time, so it was kinda fussy evening before coming to Kepong.

Setting: In Abang's car.

Me        : Nanti kita balik rumah Puchong dulu, kan?
Abang  : Tak sempat.
Me        : Belum solat asar lagi ni.
Abang  : Kat office Puchong je la.
Me        : Abang tak nak tukar baju ke? Nak pakai cmni (jeans + shirt) nanti?
Abang  : Ye la.
Me        : Adik kena pakai baju kurung la.
Abang  : Tukar la kat office nanti.
Me        : Takde tempat nak iron, baju tu berlipat dalam beg.
Abang  : Yang nak nikah Bob, adik pakai lawa mana pun sapa nak tengok.
Me        : =.=" (he got the right point, anyway)

So, that's not a big deal, we wore the resemblance outfit ha3
But as I reached the mosque, I could see I was quite centre of attention. Errr... ha3

The day after that night:
I bought this Anpanman bread caused it reminds me to Aiden. And he loves it.

Baby dinosaur - I bought this outfit for Aiden's 1st birthday, kinda doubt about the size, thinking it may be larger than Aiden's body. Abang immediately wanted to put it on Aiden. :D

Aiden loves food!

Chubby baby loves my Ayah a lot!

The bride and the groom and my family and my funny nephews.
See I was wearing shawl? Mama dislikes it. ha3
May I pull your tail?

You've grown up and becoming a very helpful boy. ha3

Recently I love talking about Aiden a lot (maybe I'm very excited watching grown-up-baby development), it doesn't mean I forget to talk about Adam. Because he's still an adorable kid for me. :)

Almost forgotten to say, the day was Ayah's 59th birthday, I sent MMS greeting to his BB but couldn't view it. . =.= he couldn't see how special the MMS was.


natreeny said...

saya suka conversation awak ngan abg.. hahahahaha~
itulah suami saya.. wakakaka~

Me : Adik kena pakai baju kurung la.
Abang : Tukar la kat office nanti.
Me : Takde tempat nak iron, baju tu berlipat dalam beg.
Abang : Yang nak nikah Bob, adik pakai lawa mana pun sapa nak tengok.


wawamagic said...

sbb suami awak la sy confident msuk msid pkai jeans utk majlis akad. hahhahah~

cuppies4you said...

weh anak2 buah ko comel2 la

ko nak cupcake free x? :p
cuppies4you 2nd giveaway

wawamagic said...

red velvet my fav! :o