Thursday, October 13, 2011


One friend once told me,

"You forgive everybody, you don't revenge. You may look harsh and fierce, saying you hate certain people, but I know there is soft spot inside you, you don't hate them actually. You're too kind and innocent, yet people are using you. They talk crap at your back, then find you when they need you, because you'll surely help them. 
I know you very well, and what they said are b******t. Really. *** also said the same thing to me, she doesn't agree what they've said, even you being kind and take no port about bad stuff, they're still people talk bad about you. But I know they're wrong."

I used to think, I don't mind what people want to talk my negative sides, I'm not a Prophet, I'm imperfect, same as you people. Indeed they're many aspects in our way are unacceptable, even being kind and optimistic. I complained about others as well, but not because I'm merely do not satisfy about 'em, it's when I found it's too wrong to do. Mama told me the same thing, I'm one who always have no heart looking people in trouble, yet troubling myself, and troubling my family. Sorry.

My teacher always said,

"Treat your friend as if one day he/ she'll become your enemy, and treat you enemy as if one day he/ she'll become our friend."

I keep thinking, I don't want to do that. How can I treat my friend like an enemy? I can never do that! I can treat my enemy like a friend, because I can tolerate with my hatred towards 'em. And I do forgive people. It has taken 4 years for me to understand the meaning behind. 


Hating people, making enemy, keeping grudge - all are the things that hated by Allah. If we do what is hated by the Mighty one, how can we live by His blessings?

p/s: this is my self-expression, DO NOT ask me what happened. 


Dr.Senbe said...

obviously nk tanya gak.

wawamagic said...

xde apa. saje nk attract ko leave comment ha3