Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strength of twinnies

It's already the second day of my 3rd phase practicum in SK (LKTP) Kota Gelanggi 2, Jerantut. To be honest, I didn't even have heart to go to school at the first day - yesterday was ---> (=.=). Perhaps this is my 3rd practicum, I didn't feel anymore excitement, and I wonder how my heart would feel then for posting xDDD - New school, new environment, new challenges are waiting.

However, my mood changed this morning. It's because I saw this cute twinnies: >__<
 Left: younger sis, right: elder sis

Does it sound weird I'm talking about twins as if it relates to school? Well, I was waiting for the students for pre cross-country today at one of the checkpoint which is located in front of a house belongs to one of the teacher from that school. The twins are her daughter (which I forgot their names). Consider as lucky waiting at that checkpoint and made time to play around with the friendly toddlers. Since this morning, I felt so cheerful and have my heart back to teach. Thank you twinnies for making my day and giving me back strength to look forward for the challenges being here. Now I could see how kiddies could influence adult's thoughts. 

This was one of the shot for pre cross-country. The event would be tomorrow. By chance, the boy with white shirt is my sports team member and he's so excited running at the 2nd place, telling me he'd be champion tomorrow. Well, whatever good for you, go ahead, boy. May your wish come true =)

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