Thursday, May 20, 2010

this feeling

fever. not me. it's exam fever. great record for not playing PSP for more than 24 hours.
cuz it was kept in front of my room. (Caca's room)

it's kinda devastating for PBD (Classroom Management) paper.
one of the terrible thing in my life if i couldn't recall what i've learnt/ read.
so be it. only Allah listens to my pray.

wishing i'd go Puchong visiting my 2 cuddle nephews this Wesak holiday - 28th May.
thanks to my cute-should-be Sushi King calender, mistakenly put the Wesak holiday on 21st May.

my medicine for nose treatment is almost finish. just for allergic one left.
couldn't wait for this holiday, i'm planning to see ENT specialist.
keep hoping everything would turn fine and not burdening me.
but i always told myself, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN".
well, if only it's really polyp, i won't be surprised.
thanks to Dewan Kosmik, i learnt about health a lot, including my own one.

but wait, scout camping is around the corner, after the exam.
and to be honest, i love my previous group members better instead of the new one.
but learning new thing somehow is kinda fun.

what sort of feeling is this? it's total anxious...

i never feel okay in every exam season, unless for PSV 2 paper in SPM. =P
i reckon this caused by i'm lack of discipline in my study, but still dreaming to pursue my 2nd degree or master in Italy or France.
people may think art is fun and easy, but for me art is challenging and it's not like everyone could understand it.
even when i talked about perspective line, many couldn't get it.
the same situation when i said i didn't understand binary number to my Math class friend. ;D

now i'm thinking what would i answer for my PSV paper next week???
the prob is, we're learning Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for graphic, but why would the spot questions tend to ask about CorelDRAWlife i've never installed that software!!! ha3~ so i'm currently learning 'bout the tools type & their functions.

if only i could always feel happy like this moment...

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