Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crafting at hometown

Goin' back to Yong Peng, after 2 months I didn't fill my hometown address in the Buku Kuning (the yellow book use by IPGTAA's trainees as permission to go back home). Miss Yong Peng very much, miss Badut (the pink bear given by Yah on my 17th birthday), my Putera Sawyer Philbert (PSP), and pepperoni pizza in BP Mall. =P

This is Badut.

However the main reason I went back to Yong Peng was to seek doctor, to solve my wonder about polyp on my right nose that I had discovered since I was 13 or 14. Eventually, the doctor asked to seek the ENT (ear nose tongue) specialist. She only gave some medicine to reduce the 'thing' (which is still unsure what is it), and she said maybe it's to late to cure it fully, unless I do the surgery but it'll still appear again. So I'm planning next semester break on June to see the specialist.


This post is dedicate to my mother, whom I called as Mama since I was born.

To be honest, I didn't even remember that the 2nd Sunday in every May is Mother's Day. What made me realize it was my sis' wall on facebook. (thank to her, huh)

So I got an idea to give Mama a gift, which she said she wanted something to put her pen on her table.

Handmade design cup "HAPPY Mother's Day", made by my hand =D

With love shape *I love crocs!*

With pink love he3

From me and my sis, although made by me 100%.


Well, I don't feel this cup is beauty nor neat, however made by full of love, I feel the satisfactory. Mama said that it looks like kopitiam cup. ha3


Dr.Senbe said...

nono that's not the true badut. YOU are the badott one wahahaa

wawamagic said...

gay, kau yg beri nama dia badut!