Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We're alike

Again I went back to Puchong purposely to see the kids. Actually I planned to take the chocolates from Kak Reeny, but since Aiden was having high fever whole week, she couldn't start making 'em. So, I'll disturb all of 'em again next weekend ho3. (Photo: Adam has no eye problem, he just trying my glasses and complained it made him dizzy).

After breaking fast, we went to Avenue Puchong (home furnishings showroom).

Curious toddler. Aiden was still active though he's unwell.

It's quite cuddle watching him acting like he's in real bedroom.

I can't stop Adam. He's a good actor in front of the lens. 
I wonder what point he's posing like the mummy.

OMG. He's everywhere!

And when it came the turn I asked him to take my photo, this is the result.
I : Kenapa gambar tak nampak?
Adam: Adam rasa nak kencing, tak bole amik gambarlah!
Funny excuse, nephew.

Finally. Yes, with him of course.

Lots of  Disney bed and study table sets in Avenue. Absolutely Adam was requesting Mickey's set. If I were 4 years old like him, I'd do the same thing. Because it reminds me back then I was 9 or 10, I saw Mickey designed bed, I asked Ayah to own it, and he refused. Cuz no more space in my bedroom to place it. :)

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