Friday, August 5, 2011

Sometimes I guess I'm not normal

What makes me feel that way? It's somehow NOT sometimes, but I consider is most of the times, about 65-80% all my life. I don't act like normal. What I've been doing actually? 

1. I tend to do reverse reading.
I tend to read something from back to front. (e.g. magazine, newspaper, book). I tend to read from bottom to top. (e.g. advertisement, blog, online newspaper, article, wikipedia).

2. What comes in my mind is not what comes out from my mouth.
Up until today, I could always call "purple" as "ORANGE". So I always make sure to think first before I say. This is not because I slipped my tongue, it happened since I was a kid. The moment I pointed a purple slipper, I was asking Ayah "Nak selipar oren tu boleh tak?" and Ayah was so clueless since he saw no sign of orange slipper existed. Some friends once called me dyslexia, and even autism! (=.=)" To be honest, sometimes I do such see signs, though. But please, I keep praying to lead my life as a normal one. (Leonardo da Vinci had dyslexia too, but he's super intelligent!)

3. I love what I hate in other way (but I consider this as normal)
I hate hazelnut - the chunk one. But I love hazelnut spread and hazelnut coffee. 
I hate almond - the chunk and nibs one. But I love almond oil scent.
I hate pineapple - at any form. But I swallowed the chopped one in cocktail, willingly.
I love green bean, but I truly hate when it grows up - as BEANSPROUT! 
I love rose scent, but my skin is actually allergy with rose essence. 
(more to list, actually)

However, what I'm very thankful towards whom am I born and live as. Allah doesn't give everything I want, but He gives everything I need. People around me see myself as a successful and the one with bright future (I'm not boasting) because I'm going to be an educator. It is indeed different from what I used to wish what I wanted to be, yet I haven't seen where's the blessing in disguise, so I will keep waiting patiently. I know I'm a weirdo, but this is who I am, this is my life. C:

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