Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 Eid al Fitr

Happy Eid to all Muslims around the world.
As usual, apology from me.

A phrase from holy Al Quran stated:
"Dan hendaklah mereka memaafkan dan melupakan kesalahan orang-orang itu,
tidakkah kamu suka Allah mengampukan dosa kamu?"
(Surah An Nur : Ayat 22)

This year, Kakak bought 2 domestic breed cats.
My, I used to be afraid of cat, but no more!
Yey it's Robin and Terry! C:

Incomplete family.
This year Abang Cik and Abang Long were missing.
But Edy joined us. Welcome bro :)
And why the heck I was holding Robin?
He's our new family ha3.

Eat eat eat till you becoming chubby. 
Nay, just sitting outside the house to chat.
1st house we visited: Atok Busu (Mama's aunt)
Her granddaughter also brought her cat to hometown - Persian breed.
Kakak, me and Edy were like kids watching the passive cat. ha3
Went to Ayah's hometown in Muar, Abang Long arrived.
Typical Adam - loves camera a lot.
Typical Aiden - prefers mind his own business.
Visiting secondary mates around Yong Peng. It's been 4 years! :)

Festival fireworks celebration! Bring it on!
Where did we get this prohibited stuff?
It's from Mama's cousin, Dato' A***

It suppose to be 130++ shoot, but according to Ayah's count, it's 102. 
Some of 'em came out at the same time.

Last day: Abang Long's family photoshoot. LOL
They didn't make it in morning Eid. 
Typical Aiden again - he kept moving like caterpillar.
He once called me "Ayah" started upgrading it to "ami" (mommy).

p/s: credit to Ain, Edy and Kakak for the photos.

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