Friday, September 23, 2011

A single year passed.

It's been a year since the tragedy I accidentally cut my fingers. If you're wandering about it, read here. The longest period of MC break ever I got - 22 days! Ha3. Then, I had to attend the Bina Insan Guru (BIG) with wounded finger. (See background, I was in oil palm plantation).

FAQs about the incident (which sometimes I don't know how to answer):

Q: How did you feel when your finger was cut? Did the wound really hurt?
A: Only Allah knew how did I feel. When I was admitted at the hospital, the nurse asked me to give pain scale (1-10),  first day I said it was 5, and the second day I said was 6. I could've give it higher but I put my maximum strength to endure the pain. The pain increased after the operation performed. Well, it's just minor injury anyway. I know there are many people suffer much more than me. :)

Q: Did you cry when it happened?
A: I had no time to cry the moment my finger was cut, because I only think when I was going to complete my sculptures for final assessment. But I did when I was at home, trying to take out my shirt by right hand from a shelf (with other shirts), and suddenly all of 'em fell down and I couldn't hold 'em up by my left hand. It was the moment I burst into tears thinking how helpless I was, couldn't do what I normally did. Once is enough. ^_^ p/s: my tears is expensive ha3

Q: How long did it take to get fully healed?
A: Less than 4 months 'cuz I didn't skip physiotherapy. 

Q: Any changes in your life after the incident?
A: Yes, the way I equip my watch. I used to wear it at left wrist, but after the incident, I wear it at right wrist, until today. 

See the blue circle (left) and yellow circle (right)

Q: Any side effect?
A: Yup, my middle finger is crooked until today, even though I wore splint before. The splint is supposed to straighten the finger, but I didn't successfully straight. 90% I can say, but it's much better than before. Sometimes I do need to equip it 'cuz there's time my finger feel unpleasant. Plus, of course I have 3 scars.

Today, I already live as a healthy, happy and thankful person.

p/s: Yey, this is the 100th entry!

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