Monday, October 3, 2011

Incomplete task and the three beads

Next week will be the assessment. I haven't completed any artworks. Since I haven't drawn manga for ages, my skill is beyond my expectation. I draw much slower! 2 hours = one character. T_T OK please don't give up.
Photo: one of early sketch for my portfolio, about illustration and the technique. Currently I'm quite obsessed in drawing elf. ;)

I left my work for three days (from Friday to Sunday) to attend scout camp, for Three Beads. 

The camp site. 
Location: Pusat Kokurikulum PPD Jerantut.

My team - Sekawan Merah. 
Location: Outside SK Tanah Rom
It takes about 6 - 8 miles from the camp site to reach here, by WALKING!

One of my favourite activity nowadays c:

Best campsite trophy.
Victory of 3 beads! Hahahaha~

Behind the scene: My team wished we'd never win this trophy, since the leader will always carry this damn heavy woods whole day, luckily our luck was on the last day, so it's less than 3 hours to hold it. <:

p/s: Less photos, less story to write. I'm gonna continue sketching ha3. ;P

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