Friday, October 28, 2011

The result

Deepavali break gonna end soon. My life is kinda no fun since my nephews are not around. Plus, it was sort of sad thing when my sis' cat, Kara died. I saw how she suffered for a week T_T.

 I really miss Adam's thousand questions daily;
"Kenapa lembu makan rumput? Adam boleh makan rumput tak? Kenapa crocodile makan daging? Dia tak makan nasi ke? Kenapa Cuwawa tak nak ikut Adam balik? Kenapa Cuwawa kena jaga Tok Mama? Kenapa Tok Mama sakit? Cuwawa dah hantar lukisan kat cikgu Cuwawa?? Yang Mommy marah Adam kata nak jahit mulut Adam tu Mommy tipu je kan, Cuwawa?"
P/s: You're smart, boy. C:

While Aiden:
"Cat... cat... meow... meow..." *shakes the cat's cage*. I know you're animal lover, but all cats are afraid of you. Ha3. You're so adorable, curly curly perm baby. :)

P/s: expecting another nephew this year. ;)

Erm, sorry, too many babbling words. This morning, Mama has taken her operation report. Most important thing is, Alhamudillah, the tumor isn't any kind of cancer cell. And forgive my mistake for previous entry on labeling the last photo. I fixed it already. This is the report:

(Click to enlarge)

A) Left ovarian mass: Twisted fibroma with minor sex cord elements.
     Left fallopian tube : Paratubal cyst. (A few small cysts are also seen)
     Uterus and right ovary : Within normal limits. (Cavity is empty)
B) Omentum : No evidence of malignancy (^__^)
C) Appendix : Periappendicitis. (Not in the picture)

*Fibroma is a type of extraordinary fibroid. The large dusky coloured tumor mass measuring 18 x 14 x 13 cm.

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