Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For recent 2 weeks;

-1 week for SBE (which I went to an UNEXPECTED school) (O.o)
> For some scums I want to say this; "Judge yourselves first before the others, and DO NOT acknowledge someone by the reason you recognize him/ her is the descendant of someone"
> I'm proud being a daughter of my successful father but I dare to say most of the 'humankind' there treated me after they knew who I am. Of course I wasn't satisfy because they didn't treat me as myself but then talked at the back.
> For that 'humankind', I tell you what, APPRECIATE YOUR LEADER!
> Please be matured elders... it's your responsibility to teach the youngsters to be in proper manner but you'll never achieve if you couldn't behave well.

-1 week HOLY-DAYs which I spent almost 5 days in Puchong (totally precious time)
> Passed my driving test after only 2 days training even though the JPJ is careless
(all my siblings got their P just after SPM but since I started late, so I got it late as well)
> Making chocs, playing with little Adam totally made my day~
> Meaningful moment made me thought it's already end of the year holiday he3



The National Day was yesterday but the Independence Day should be every day.

I'll make sure one day I'm gonna be the next head of Ministry of Education to form the better education system.
(kalau x percaya check la my facebook, paling sesuai jadi menteri pelajaran! :D)

However, misery never choose its day...

Well, after 2 weeks leaving Lipis, it's time to return.
As normal, 10.16 a.m. the time for the train to depart from Kluang Railway Statation, however stopped after we reached in Segamat for almost 3 hours!


Read any today's newspaper and you'll figure out what actually happened... HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

All right, ever since I love photographing, here some snapshots I've got from my seat;

Upside down... or left???

Couldn't imagine how does it feel being one of the passangers...

I think that's the cafe...

The wheels were outside the rail

Even the rail's bases were broken

Accidentally destroying the rail


Forgot to mention, it's the train from KL - Singapore and I wasn't the passanger of it.
Photos taken from train Singapore - Tumpat (which I was in it)

Utusan Malaysia Online:
Seramai 17 penumpang cedera termasuk lima cedera parah apabila tren Ekspres Sinaran Pagi yang dalam perjalanan dari Kuala Lumpur ke Singapura, tergelincir lalu terbalik berhampiran Stesen Kereta Api Batu Anam, Segamat dekat sini hari ini.

Dalam kejadian pukul 11.45 pagi itu, enam daripada sembilan gerabak tren yang membawa keseluruhan 243 penumpang itu telah tergelincir daripada landasan kira-kira 200 meter dari stesen itu.


saifulzaininoderi said...

wonder y fadhil feel scare going back using this ting...now i get it

wawamagic said...

mmg confirm aku letak ko kat kelas tingkat atas, yg kita prnh msuk combine blajar elp.