Saturday, September 12, 2009

Berpisah lagi

Previuos Friday, for 2nd time, my HP Pavillion Dv200x (a.k.a. Henbuku) gave me the same trouble as it happened last May - graphic card matter. I weren't wrong, the graphic card was melt cuz it was made by aluminium and it should be changed with copper.

Once my dad said, "Corak baju pun x secantik skrin ni!"

Rushing back to my hometown to change with my dad's lappy, Henbuku was sent to the computer service shop and I need to copy all my important things in the hardisk 1st.

Terpaksa cabut hardisk dalam sebab sambung cable kat PC lain pun xbole appear apa2.

Proses menyedut harta2 berharga

So currently I'm using my dad's HP lappy for temporary period. Somehow I was thinking maybe I should sell Henbuku and buy another cheper but not-troublesome lappy but ever since Henbuku is my soulmate since August 2007, how can I easily hand on it to others?

My mama bought Henbuku for me for RM 4k minus RM 1 (means RM 3999) - Intel Core2 Duo, NVDia Graphic Card, 1gb RAM (but I already upgraded it to 2.5gb) My sis advised me to buy Dell Studio same as her, but still I need to think about it carefully... Of course there are pros and cons about trading in Henbuku with the new one~ (T___T)

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