Saturday, June 11, 2011

The dinner chef

Mama was busy to key in her students' mark. Ayah was busy with his iPad. I was the one less busy facing facebook. Mama said she couldn't make time to prepare for dinner. I asked 'em whether we're going out for dinner, Ayah ignored my inquiry. So, the 'good-heart-one' like me offered if I should do it. Mama said sardine and tempe would just enough. That made me a lone chef today. Usually Ayah would help at kitchen, but only to prepare breakfast.

I'm indeed not a good cook, I only cook myself when I'm  only one at home. If I were alone with Kakak, we cook together. All my life I've never prepared fully meal for my family.  Just helping little with vegetables is my specialty. ha3.

Preparing sardine and tempe dishes took 30 minutes - because I cut onion neatly and nicely ha3. 

The dishes all I could do T_T

After finished cooking, I went to take bath. I heard Mama said it's delicious. I wonder which one she meant. After dinner, they commented;

Mama : Tempe ni sedap, tapi tak cukup masak.
I          : Macam mana nak tau cukup masak ke tak?
Ayah   : Tengok je la warna dia ni, masih putih, belum serap air lagi. 
Mama : Patutnya kena letak air banyak sikit.
I          : Biasanya Mama bubuh sos tiram tak? Adik letak je tadi.
Mama : Tak, cuma air je la nak bagi lembap.
Ayah   : Bilis banyak betul! *chuckle*
I          : Banyak ke? Segenggam je la.
Ayah    : Ya Allah... 
Mama : Banyak la tu! Nasib baik awak masak, senang Mama nak buat kerja.

I always failed preparing meal except making spaghetti and pasta. It must be something lack with my cooking. So dear any mother whom is seeking a daughter-in-law, DON'T CHOOSE people like ME or else your son gonna be skinny after marriage. LOL. 


nabil nabilah said...

nak rase chef wawa masak.....~

wawamagic said...

i masak asian food fail. ha3

ahsfantasy24 said...

hehehe.. usaha lg.
t harap2 dpt prktikum ngn ko,
lehko tlong sdiakan sahur n juadah berbuke :)

wawamagic said...

wow best! terharu aku ada partner nk msk sama =D