Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eid al-Adha

To Muslim readers, may all our sacrifices with full of sincerity are blessed by Allah. =)

My story:
Since Mama is still not feeling well enough, this year Eid, Ayah and I were cooking. Mama said we cooked well. Ho3. But I was awaken (luckily Nabilah called me to come) quite late this morning, Ayah has already gone helping the villagers chopping the beef.

At home, Ayah said,  "Adik, tengok ni, tulang selangka. Nak buat sup tulang tak malam ni?" :)

Back to my story:
As I woke up, I saw Mama sitting outside the house with an orange in her hand. She said I was sleeping like dying and not making her juice. OH Crap. That's my morning routine actually. Without glasses, I took that orange and cut it. Err... luckily I didn't cut my hand as well ha3. Next, I was frying chickens and doing laundry at the same time. Yeah, it was almost afternoon, and I was doing the housing chores at eleventh hour! Luckily Ayah has already cooked other dishes when I slept.

Moral of the story is, DO NOT SLEEP LATE NIGHT AND PLEASE WAKE UP EARLY. But I'm hardly to change HA HA HA.


Saya Nadi said...

do not dreaming while masak2 n potong limau :D hehe

wawamagic said...

ha3 ok la nadi~~~