Friday, February 18, 2011


if you're one whom had authority to talk about it, then BE IT.
i never blame on your specialty, because that's what GOD has given to you.
but 1 mistake you've done was by your GOOD-FOR-NOTHING statement, that helps NOTHING to me, and others.

yes, i say NOTHING because i don't want to pick on you!
grow up, MAN! think back who you are!
though you PISSed me OFF, i stay silent, because I'M NOT YOU, INDEED!

because you're one whom said something without thinking.
luckily not all humankind in this world are same as you. i'm very thankful for it.


Dr.Senbe said...

wawa emoo emoooo keke

p/s: dude what the heck nk leave komen kt sini kne word verification?

wawamagic said...

aku pissed off banget!!!!!!!
ye ke??
nnti aku check blik.
lame :(

ahsfantasy24 said...

kitar semula,
fikir dulu sebelum buang :)


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