Monday, February 14, 2011

Visiting Betau

What's up with Betau? It's one of the inland area in Pahang, which the Semai natives locate.

12th and 13th Feb there for Academic Enhancement Programme for students in SK Betau. Indeed I sighed a lot before the day, just because to the programme was organized during weekend and we need to stay for a night.

Skipping lots things, just certain interesting stuffs I'd like to share:

SEWANG - one of the famous dance for Malaysia Natives. I joined it for a while.
See me? I can't dance. ha3
Normally Sewang is used for any natives' party (celebration, medical, funeral, etc.) from 7.00pm to 7.00am (next day)!!  

The native youngsters playing takraw (rattan ball).

Some friendly kids.

One of their (students + villagers) common activity, bathing in the river.

Run! The Hilux is after you!!

Beams in the river, where they use to hold on to.

See? How they freely jumped! (But I believe it's fun)

Wow I saw a long yet slim raft! ha3

Sewang performance by the students.

I'm not too fond for dancing, so I played the instrument.

Not cooking, just acting.

This is just a replica, not the natives' real house.

Last touch.

It's pretty fun experiencing Betau life. Perhaps it'll be my practical school later. 
P/S: I don't organise the photos properly. Too much to think about. ha3


Dr.Senbe said...

msti drg ckp 'okaeri' time ko smpai kn hahahaha

wawamagic said...

wth. diorg x ckp apa2. aku je yg ckp "tadaima"

ahsfantasy24 said...

ha.. raft la sgt..
ak naik yg dorg pas tu,
syok gile tp last2 hmpir lemas, hanyut, haha..

wawamagic said...

anda x cukup asli utk mengendalikannya. ha3!!!