Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 11 – A picture of your favorite memory

The year we reached 20 - the beginning of adulthood. I have chance to do this reckless thing with my friends, yes very RECKLESS - Empangan Jaleh has been declared as prohibited area now.

Here's the story to share:

It was a public holiday (I'm not sure which one) we're having our picnic together, reached at Empangan Jaleh (15 minutes from my campus) at early morning. The waterfall looks so beauty, the place was recommended by our tutor. He said it felt like messaging when we're sitting under the waterfall - ok that's not the point. 

Playing around, almost afternoon - the water flow was getting rapid. Yet, we were surrounded by very strong fishy smell. We climbed up the waterfall  (and the stones structure indeed is slippery and we could easily fall down and injured.) to see what's up there - where's the water comes from.

Guess what we've seen - CAGE CULTURE!!!! (+.+).


Dr.Senbe said...

cage culture? what, kolam ternak ikan??

wawamagic said...

ya. pagi2 siap ada member aku hirup air tu. ha3