Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 8 – Your dream wedding

err... What a day... =.="

1. I want various kind of beverages like my all brothers wedding. Since I'm the youngest, mind Ayah provides 15-20? ha3

2. I want ayam golek like Abang Cik's wedding. he3

3. I want KDWC to sponsored my wedding cards and goodies bags (including chocs!).
(Bole kan, Abg Long, Kak Reeny? kih3)

This one for sure.
(all photos were taken during all my brothers' wedding)

It's not something I can really talk about, cuz I really have no idea or any planning about this. Oh wait, maybe I choose dark brown + turquoise as theme colour since both are my fav colours. LOL. *palmface*

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